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We use ResortCleaning daily, our property Managers and VRBO users love it! Our growth has been phenomenal with ResortCleaning By using... ResortCleaning, we have saved approximately $25,000.00 a year in bookkeeping fees.

Shari Y. Sugar Sand Dream LLC

Working with ResortCleaning has completely streamlined the cleaning process in my condo. [ResortCleaning Support] is always willing, able, and enthusiastic about assisting with any questions about the system and is constantly updating and making the features even more user friendly and easy to use.

Working with Jim Duncan has been a pleasure; he is patient, professional, and really wants the process to be seamless. I HIGHLY recommend ResortCleaning and would frankly work with any software package that Jim is associated with in the future since his customer service, computer savvy, and "people skills" are outstanding.

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Miranda McGregor Diamond M Services

I started my cleaning business about 6 years ago. I had roughly 12 properties when I opened and quickly grew to over 200.
I looked at all the demos, reviews and info I could find, even talked to other cleaning companies who use Resortcleaning. I gave in and contacted Jim at Resortcleaning, discussed the system, how it worked, what it could do for my business, my clients and all the benefits of the system. I can honestly say now, without a doubt signing up for Resortcleaning was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my business. The amount of time it saves me when it comes to scheduling, chasing cleaners on busy turnaround days so inspectors know where they are and when units are ready is a blessing. Also, the reduction in phone calls and text messages from property managers wanting to know if their property is ready is down by just about 100%, we do still have a few who call or text rather than checking the system, but it's very minimal. The ability for property managers to link their VRBO calendars is just another great benefit, they can schedule their own appointments with just a few clicks, which means minimal to no manual entry for any of us, again allowing us both to focus on other aspects of our businesses.

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I can honestly say now, without a doubt,
signing up for Resortcleaning was one of the best decisions
I've ever made in my business.

This system has simplified my payroll, my billing and made my business more efficient so I can focus on what I should be focusing on as a business owner.

The one thing I would say to any vacation property cleaning company out here who hasn't seen or doesn't think they "need" this need to check it out and yes, you do NEED this system, I promise you, try it for 30 days in your peak season and you'll never not use it!

Thank you Resortcleaning for creating this great system, going the extra mile and always, always being open to suggestions for improvements to benefit all of us in the cleaning industry.


David Partain Tropical Breeze Condos

As a property owner/manager I've been with resort cleaning for 6 years now and they have been great to work with. I have multiple properties and can schedule and monitor all my cleanings in one place. They continue to improve the software year after year with input from clients which has resulted in a very logical and streamlined platform.

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