5 Ways Our House Cleaning App Benefits Your Residential Cleaning Business

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March 18, 2021

We know that running a residential cleaning business can often be difficult, so take some stress out of your life with our top rated house cleaning app! Our professional house cleaning software helps with many of your most time consuming tasks so you can focus more on the management of your business! Here are 5 ways that our house cleaning app benefits your residential cleaning business:

1. Client Scheduling

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One of the ways our house cleaning app benefits your residential cleaning business is it provides your clients with the power to schedule cleans when they need it. You no longer have to spend time trying to communicate back and forth with your clients to determine whether they need a cleaning and worry if you missed their call. Our house cleaning app will clearly identify the specific time that a cleaning is needed so you can be on top of your game! This not only makes things more efficient for your business operations, but improves customer satisfaction.

2. Single Calendar

When you take advantage of our house cleaning app, you will love the simplicity of a single calendar to manage all of your clients in one location. This helps to ensure you never miss a cleaning and avoid double booking any of your services for a specific period of time. As your business expands, you will find that the single calendar is even more beneficial as it allows you to stay completely organized at all times. Once you try our house cleaning app for the first time, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!

3. Reports in One Place


Weunderstand how easy it is to get bogged down with all of the reports for your business, including invoices, payroll, productivity, inventory, inspections, and more. Therefore, you will be excited to know our house cleaning app benefits your residential cleaning business by providing all of the reports you need in one place. You will no longer have to deal with the headache of navigating through different systems to dig up a particular report, making your life much less stressful. 

4. Powerful Inventory Management

Our house cleaning app offers powerful inventory management so you can manage your stockroom inventory with ease. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than setting up a cleaning for a client and you don’t have all the supplies that you need. When you take advantage of our app, you will always know when the inventory is getting low so you can maintain an adequate supply at all times.

5. Menu of Services

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If you have owned a residential cleaning business for any length of time, you have probably been asked hundreds of times how much your services cost. Of course, you then have to go through a standard series of questions about the size of the residence and other factors that impact the price of your service. When using our house cleaning app, you can easily build a menu of services that clearly identifies the price for each specific service and what that price includes!

Now since you know some of the ways that our house cleaning app benefits your residential cleaning business, sign up today to take the stress out of managing your schedule!

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