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Do you find it hard to keep up with all the responsibilities that come along with running a residential cleaning business? ResortCleaning is the tool you need to make it easier! Click the button below to see how we can help make your cleaning business successful.

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Say goodbye to the stress of managing your business.

ResortCleaning can help your residential cleaning business run more efficiently by helping you with all the tasks that usually bog you down. We offer client scheduling, a calendar, and more.

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Full Integration

Full integration with your customer's PMS. Automatic scheduling & mobile insight to unit status.
Time Table

Powerful Scheduling

Housekeeping, Inspection and Maintenance Scheduling


All the reports you need, all in one place. Invoices, payroll, productivity, inventory, inspections, and more.
All Housekeeping Features
Powerful Features for

Property Management

Full Integration

Full integration with your PMS.
Automatic scheduling & mobile insight to unit status.
Time Table

Powerful Scheduling

Housekeeping, Inspection and Maintenance Scheduling

Service Provider Network

Access to some of the best housekeeping and maintenance companies in your area.
All Property Management Features
Powerful Features for


Time Table

Client Scheduling

Give your client's the power to schedule cleans when they need it.
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Single Calendar

Manage all of your clients in one location.


All the reports you need, all in one place. Invoices, payroll, productivity, inventory, inspections, and more.
Time Table

All Housekeeping Features
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Mel Kent
Five Star Icon

I have used the ResortCleaning website for almost two years as I do my own property management of a rental cabin in the Smoky Mountains. The site is very intuitive to use, and I’ve never missed a cleaning, maintenance or trash pickup. Early on Jim provided a short screen share demo session and I was on my way! Jim is good to respond to any questions I might have and sends out proactive notifications when there is an upgrade. Overall things are going very well with my cabin business and ResortCleaning website has played a big role.

Kimberly Holland
Around the Clock
Five Star Icon

We love ResortCleaning!  This website was an absolute lifesaver for our company.  It is completely user friendly and the staff is amazing. Any time that we have encountered any issues, they were swiftly taken care of by the staff at ResortCleaning.  I always tell our property owners and managers that this will help them tremendously in keeping up with their bookings and scheduling the housekeeping for their properties.

Michelle Dawson
Cinderella's Sisters
Five Star Icon

I always have a great experience with ResortCleaning. It makes scheduling, invoicing, and payroll a breeze!! Thank you for creating a GREAT program.

Joann Chavis
A Cleaning Experience, LLC
Five Star Icon

Before using ResortCleaning, I had problems scheduling and effectively managing my cleaning appointments.  Now using the program, I have total control of my day to day operations, which has resulted in our ability to save time and cost. The program has allowed us the ability to turn a once problematic situation into a well-organized business.

Amanda Williams
A & W Cleaning
Five Star Icon

ResortCleaning has helped me to free up a lot of time so I am able to focus on expanding my business and making sure that operations are running smoothly. Before I started to use ResortCleaning I was spending an average of 30 hours a week just on scheduling cleans, invoicing owners, scheduling cleaners, doing payroll, and talking to each individual owner about special requests that they have. Now owners do their own scheduling and can add notes that go directly to each cleaner. I also spend less time on doing payroll and invoicing because it is all done for me and I just have to look over everything and with a click of a button everything is done! I could not be any happier with how much of a great impact ResortCleaning has had on my life!

Deborah Naugle
Maid Your Way Cleaning LLC
Five Star Icon

I just want to give an amazing shout out to the founder and staff of ResortCleaning. I have lived Panama City Beach my entire life. I've been cleaning Condominiums on payroll since I was 15 years old and started my own cleaning company in 2000. I’ve used the old-fashioned pencil and paper way of doing things for many years. Over the last 5 years, I've searched for a more modern way to make things simpler. I scoped out various software platforms for the housekeeping field. Last year in 2019 I found Resort Cleaning. I shied away at first but if anybody knows anything about me, I usually take the bull by the horns. in fact, that's exactly what I did. Jim Duncan and his staff are amazing people and I am truly the one who is blessed. After being introduced to this software I soon learned I would not know how I would live without it. It is a revolutionary part of my life I use on a daily basis!!  This team is by a far top of the line and much respect goes out to them.

Thank You Jim and staff for a life changing gift and tool!!!

Barbara Teem
All Pro Cleaning Service, LLC
Five Star Icon

ResortCleaning has been nothing short of amazing since day one for us!! The staff (Jim) is so easily accessible and helpful whenever you need them. I have called after hours and always had someone answer the phone or call me back within a few minutes, never getting off the phone without my issues being resolved. They even took the time to sit down with us and show us exactly how the website works. Jim and his team really have an amazing product that makes scheduling and billing about as easy it can get!! Thanks!

Angel Pugh-Harris
Beach Tyme Properties, LLC
Five Star Icon

I could say a lot of wonderful things about ResortCleaning, but the feature that I LOVE, is the invoicing feature. I use to spend so much time invoicing and now in a matter of seconds I can have my invoice done and emailed to an owner!!! Talk about a time saver :-)  Of course it makes scheduling a breeze, as well as payroll.  As a property manager, that handles all of our cleaning in house, it has been a blessing to have these features, in a scheduling software. In the few years that I have been using ResortCleaning, they have made several upgrades, but not one time have they gone up on their pricing.  They truly desire to keep making our life easier and easier. I would highly recommend ResortCleaning to fellow property managers and cleaning companies.  You cannot beat the cost or the service which ResortCleaning provides.

Snayda Jones
Platinum Cleaning
Five Star Icon

Very easy to use ResortCleaning! Our clients are able to make cleaning schedules without problems... Jim is always there to help us when we need his help. Very functional, to setup schedules, cancel, reschedule, etc. It's a very helpful and efficient tool to help us to do our jobs without stress!

Kassia Dioguardi
A+ Cleaning Services, LLC
Five Star Icon

Resort Cleaning is a great tool to have when speaking to new clients. It has made a difference in helping A+ Cleaning Services with our schedules, billing, and communication with our clients.

Ana Sands
Coastal Cleaning Service, LLC
Five Star Icon

Running a cleaning business is more than a full time job. Between dispatching cleaners, scheduling jobs, invoicing, and getting new customers it's hard to find the time to keep my business organized. ResortCleaning is an affordable user-friendly system that helps my company stay organized and efficient. I cannot imagine running a cleaning business without ResortCleaning.

Amy Edwards
Bluewater Property Solutions
Five Star Icon

ResortCleaning is wonderful! The website is easy to navigate for the cleaning company as well as my clients. I love that I can schedule cleans, assign cleaners to units, generate payroll and invoice clients in a matter of minutes. This website makes office work so easy and saves me so much time!

Miranda McGregor
Diamond M. Services
Five Star Icon

I can honestly say, without a doubt, signing up for ResortCleaning was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my business. The amount of time it saves me when it comes to scheduling, chasing cleaners on busy turnaround days so inspectors know where they are and when units are ready is a blessing.  Also, the reduction in phone calls and text messages from property managers wanting to know if their property is ready is down by just about 100%. The ability for property managers to link their Vrbo calendars is just another great benefit,they can schedule their own appointments with just a few clicks, which means minimal to no manual entry for any of us, again allowing us both to focus on other aspects of our businesses. This system has simplified my payroll, my billing and made my business more efficient so I can focus on what I should be focusing on as a business owner. The one thing I would say to any vacation property cleaning company out here who hasn't seen or doesn't think they "need" this system...... you need to check it out and yes, you do NEED this system, I promise you, try it for 30 days in your peak season and you'll never not use it! Thank you ResortCleaning for creating this great system,going the extra mile and always, always being open to suggestions for improvements to benefit all of us in the cleaning industry.

Angie Lowell
Goin' Coastal
Five Star Icon

Goin' Coastal grows daily with ResortCleaning, awesome staff(in which you make our lives easier), wonderful property managers and owners who also love the online software. I cannot imagine our life without it. ResortCleaning has taken our housekeeping business on the Alabama Gulf Coast from 30 properties to now over 500 properties in just a few short years. I wanted to take a few moment to tell you how much I appreciate you and ResortCleaning! Thank you and Thank you for always keeping us and running online!

Shelia Hornsby
White Sands Resort Services
Five Star Icon

When I first heard about Resort Cleaning, I was very skeptical. My thoughts were that no way was I going to allow another company to “get into” my business. After two years I gave in to try it. I can honestly say that I have no idea how I managed in the years without this wonderful addition to our business.

Prior to Resort Cleaning, my typical weekend started on Friday morning and did not end until Sunday afternoon. There was no time to sleep or anything other than prepare for the weekend. My schedule for 200 units was kept in a three-ring binder on notebook paper. It took HOURS to prepare assignment sheets for cleaners. My usual routine on Friday was to work at home until around 3 or 4 AM and then go to office to complete preparing assignment sheets. The first weekend with Resort Cleaning I was finished and ready for cleaners by 3:20 AM. I remember sitting there wondering what I was missing. Why did I not have more to do? I dreaded Saturday afternoons fearing that I would get a call that I had missed a clean. How could I not miss a clean with my system?

Resort Cleaning not only saves immeasurable time in scheduling and assigning but it saves numerous text messages, phone calls and emails because clients are not having to contact me with last minute changes or instructions. It is all placed in Resort Cleaning.

Jim Duncan and his staff are standing by ready to assist whenever needed and are a true asset to any cleaning service. We are certainly blessed to have them as part of ours.

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