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Angel Pugh-Harris
Beach Tyme Properties, LLC
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I could say a lot of wonderful things about ResortCleaning, but the feature that I LOVE, is the invoicing feature. I use to spend so much time invoicing and now in a matter of seconds I can have my invoice done and emailed to an owner!!! Talk about a time saver :-)  Of course it makes scheduling a breeze, as well as payroll.  As a property manager, that handles all of our cleaning in house, it has been a blessing to have these features, in a scheduling software. In the few years that I have been using ResortCleaning, they have made several upgrades, but not one time have they gone up on their pricing.  They truly desire to keep making our life easier and easier. I would highly recommend ResortCleaning to fellow property managers and cleaning companies.  You cannot beat the cost or the service which ResortCleaning provides.