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Deborah Naugle
Maid Your Way Cleaning LLC

I just want to give an amazing shout out to the founder and staff of ResortCleaning. I have lived Panama City Beach my entire life. I've been cleaning Condominiums on payroll since I was 15 years old and started my own cleaning company in 2000. I’ve used the old-fashioned pencil and paper way of doing things for many years. Over the last 5 years, I've searched for a more modern way to make things simpler. I scoped out various software platforms for the housekeeping field. Last year in 2019 I found Resort Cleaning. I shied away at first but if anybody knows anything about me, I usually take the bull by the horns. in fact, that's exactly what I did. Jim Duncan and his staff are amazing people and I am truly the one who is blessed. After being introduced to this software I soon learned I would not know how I would live without it. It is a revolutionary part of my life I use on a daily basis!!  This team is by a far top of the line and much respect goes out to them.

Thank You Jim and staff for a life changing gift and tool!!!