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November 18, 2020

Whether you manage a hotel, own a vacation rental or run a staffing company, you can make your life easier by taking advantage of the housekeeping software from ResortCleaning! Our exclusive software features a full suite of operational management tools to help you manage your time more efficiently and ensure smooth operations on a daily basis! Here are 5 industries that benefit from our housekeeping software:

1. Vacation Rentals

We know that running a vacation rental business can be quite difficult, so let our housekeeping software help manage your tasks! Our user friendly software eliminates the stress from managing your properties so that you can easily keep up with your bookings and schedule housekeeping for your vacation rentals. You will find that you have total control of your day to day operations with our software, which helps to save a significant amount of time and cost! 

2. Timeshares 

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Another industry that can benefit from the housekeeping software from ResortCleaning is the timeshare industry! Eliminate the headaches from operating a timeshare by taking advantage of our software, which makes housekeeping, inspection and maintenance scheduling a breeze! Our housekeeping software also provides all the reports you need from timeshare rentals in one place, such as invoices, payroll, productivity, inventory, inspections and more! After using our software for just a few weeks, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!

3. Hotels

There is no doubt that managing the daily operations of a hotel can be incredibly stressful, so you will be relieved to know that our housekeeping software can help! Whether you manage a small boutique hotel with several rooms or a bustling hotel in a resort area, you will be amazed at what our software can do for you! If you spend hours and hours every week scheduling housekeeping, invoicing your customers and completing payroll for your employees, this is the software for you!

4. Residential

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It can be tough running a residential cleaning business, as there are so many schedules, clients and employees to navigate on a daily basis! The housekeeping software from ResortCleaning allows you to manage all of your clients in one single location and provides your clients with the power to schedule cleaning services when they need it. This not only makes your clients more happy, but it puts more time into your hands each day to allocate to other tasks!

5. Staffing

If you run a company that provides staffing to the housekeeping industry, our easy-to-use housekeeping software can be a tremendous help to you too! One of the highlights of our software is Productivity Management, where you can manage the productivity of your team so that they stay on task. The housekeeping software from ResortCleaning also provides specific task lists that provide detailed and distinct guidelines of expectations to your employees. Another unique aspect is Performance Grading, which is basically a daily report card of your staff’s performance.

Now that you know how your industry can benefit from our housekeeping software, sign up today to get the app that can make your life easier!

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