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As a housekeeping company, you may find that communication with your hosts can at times be difficult to maintain if you don't know each property's departure in real time. As a property manager (whether you self-manage or manage multiple properties) -- having to send each individual checkout and check-in can be a daunting task. ResortCleaning's user-friendly, mobile-friendly vacation rental housekeeping software solves everyone's communication woes!

Import your listing iCal links to ResortCleaning to begin pulling through your reservation schedule. ResortCleaning will automatically schedule departure cleans based on your reservations! Create an inspection checklist or use one of our templates to ensure both the property manager and the cleaning company understand the priorities for each property, to maximize your 5 Star Reviews!

As the property manager you can also generate non-departure workorders and deep cleans within the ResortCleaning software, and it will notify the cleaner or maintenance person. Not only that -- it will generate invoices directly within the program that you can use to track your billing and payments!

Housekeepers benefit as well - have your property manager or individual owner sync with ResortCleaning and PayPal or Stripe, and remove all of your payment woes! You can be paid directly through the vacation rental housekeeping software itself, with an integration to Paypal or Stripe, and track your invoices!

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