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Hostaway + ResortCleaning

Hostaway Integration Details

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In today's competitive vacation rental industry, maintaining exceptional cleanliness and efficient maintenance practices is crucial for securing positive guest feedback and high ratings. Explore the integrated connection between ResortCleaning and Hostaway, empowering property managers to efficiently schedule and manage cleaning tasks and recurring maintenance activities in real time, aligning harmoniously with reservation schedules.

Import your listing iCal links to ResortCleaning to begin pulling through your reservation schedule. ResortCleaning will automatically schedule departure cleans based on your reservations.

Seeking a comprehensive solution for operational needs beyond cleaning tasks? ResortCleaning offers features for invoicing, bookkeeping, and staff scheduling, providing property managers with a comprehensive solution. By leveraging the advanced tools of ResortCleaning, property managers can optimize cleaning processes, monitor progress, and communicate effectively with their team and Hostaway regarding property maintenance and scheduling requirements.

The integrated connection between ResortCleaning and Hostaway offers property managers a user-friendly and efficient solution for managing cleaning tasks, maintenance activities, and operational processes. Leveraging ResortCleaning's advanced capabilities allows property managers to streamline workflows, uphold high cleanliness standards, and elevate the overall guest experience within the Hostaway system.

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