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Inventory Smart is wireless, web-based technology that runs on any device connected to the internet - no special equipment is needed. You can view real-time inventories and update inventory data from anywhere, all across the system.
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Inventory Smart + ResortCleaning

Inventory Smart Integration Details

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In the fall of 2019, ResortCleaning partnered with Inventory Smart to provide an outstanding feature for managing unit and stock room inventory, applicable to time shares, hotel rooms, and vacation rentals.

Manage inventory in units to the detailed level. Run billable reports for each unit that details inventory placed in that unit for the specified period. Manage stock room levels based on draws for the units. Reorder prompts and notifications for when supplies are running low. Reduce stagnant and wasted inventory which could be costing you thousands of dollars!

In the dynamic world of vacation rentals, efficient inventory management and ordering processes are essential for property managers to deliver exceptional guest experiences. By integrating ResortCleaning with Inventory Smart, property managers can streamline their inventory and ordering needs seamlessly. This powerful pairing allows the team on the ground to input data through the vacation rental housekeeping app, which is then directly transmitted to the Inventory Smart program. This integration enables tracking of inventory usage, identifying ordering requirements, and ensuring that properties are well-equipped to meet guest needs.

ResortCleaning and Inventory Smart work in harmony to simplify the inventory management process for property managers. The short term rental cleaning software from ResortCleaning facilitates on-the-go data entry by the cleaning team, ensuring that inventory levels and usage are accurately recorded in real time. This data is seamlessly transferred to Inventory Smart, where it is analyzed to generate ordering recommendations and streamline the procurement process. By automating these tasks, property managers can focus on enhancing guest experiences and optimizing property operations.

The integration between ResortCleaning and Inventory Smart enables easy billing processes, providing property managers with a comprehensive solution to manage inventory, track usage, and handle ordering needs efficiently. This seamless collaboration between the two platforms not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that properties are well-maintained and adequately stocked to meet guest expectations. By leveraging ResortCleaning and Inventory Smart, property managers can elevate their short term rental operations, drive guest satisfaction, and achieve operational excellence in the competitive vacation rental market.

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