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Kigo® creates exceptional experiences for vacation rental managers and guests with an innovative, all-in-one platform that makes it simple to find and book the right destination
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Kigo + ResortCleaning

Kigo Integration Details

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Kigo is a vacation rental software that helps both vacation rental managers and guests by making it easy to find and book the right destination. It’s proven to help customers increase revenue, reduce operational costs, streamline guest experience and outperform the competition. Kigo features everything from revenue management, to reservation and booking software, to operations management. Connect Kigo to ResortCleaning to manage the housekeeping tasks for your property(s)!

Discover the perfect synergy between ResortCleaning and the Kigo channel manager, a Guesty product, designed to streamline property management processes and enhance guest satisfaction. A collaboration with ResortCleaning's advanced vacation rental housekeeping software ensures that properties listed through Kigo maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and maintenance, essential for securing optimal 5-star reviews and maximizing success on meaningful channels.

Rental sites place a strong emphasis on pristine cleaning and property upkeep to deliver exceptional guest experiences and secure top-tier reviews. ResortCleaning addresses this need by seamlessly integrating with the Kigo channel manager, enabling property managers to efficiently manage cleaning tasks and recurring maintenance activities based on reservation schedules. Through real-time integration, cleaning tasks are seamlessly scheduled around guest stays, allowing property managers to consistently present clean and well-maintained properties that exceed guest expectations and keep rental rates competitive across various platforms.

The integration between ResortCleaning and the Kigo channel manager provides property managers with a comprehensive solution to manage cleaning tasks, maintenance activities, and property listings effectively. By combining the capabilities of both platforms, managers can uphold the highest cleanliness standards, and deliver exceptional guest experiences that lead to stellar reviews and increased bookings across various OTAs and channels. When utilizing ResortCleaning's vacation rental housekeeping software in conjunction with the Kigo channel manager, property managers can optimize their operations, maximize property exposure, and provide guests with a seamless and memorable stay experience.

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