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Lodgix + ResortCleaning

Lodgix Integration Details

Let Us Tell You More About The Integration

In the vacation rental industry, effective communication and operational efficiency play a crucial role in property management to deliver exceptional guest experiences. The seamless integration between ResortCleaning and Lodgix Property Management System is designed to facilitate smooth communication, increase operational efficiency, and streamline bookkeeping processes. ResortCleaning offers a range of features, including billing, accounting, and team scheduling tools, that seamlessly align with Lodgix's platform. This integration allows property managers to optimize cleaning procedures, track progress in real time, and ensure properties are well-maintained and guest-ready, ultimately enhancing guest satisfaction and driving positive reviews.

Tired of manually generating or reviewing housekeeping invoices every week? ResortCleaning's comprehensive billing and accounting functionalities for efficient financial management on housekeeping and staffing. Invoices based on cleans and workorders are easily reviewable, and tracking of payment and receipt has never been easier. Say goodbye to hours of manual review with this essential function of ResortCleaning's vacation rental housekeeping software.

Tracking your team has never been easier! Use ResortCleaning's team scheduling tools to streamline cleaning operations and enhance productivity within your team. Track hours, tasks, and use customizable checklists to readily review your team's progress and efficiency.

Not sure if the property is ready for an early check-in or if the cleaner just arrived? Worry no more. With the ResortCleaning short term rental cleaning app, cleaners can check-in and update their progress in real-time from their phone -- and you or your team can readily review their location and completion at the same time!

No more missed departure cleans! The automated departure cleans are based on your calendar, and update multiple times a day to facilitate coordination between the cleaners and you. So no more stress over last minute bookings!

Easily track over time with customizable reporting based on YOUR performance metrics and identify areas for improvement, all within ResortCleaning's vacation rental housekeeping software.

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