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Deborah Naugle
Maid Your Way Cleaning LLC
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I just want to give an amazing shout out to the founder and staff of ResortCleaning. I have lived Panama City Beach my entire life. I've been cleaning Condominiums on payroll since I was 15 years old and started my own cleaning company in 2000. I’ve used the old-fashioned pencil and paper way of doing things for many years. Over the last 5 years, I've searched for a more modern way to make things simpler. I scoped out various software platforms for the housekeeping field. Last year in 2019 I found Resort Cleaning. I shied away at first but if anybody knows anything about me, I usually take the bull by the horns. in fact, that's exactly what I did. Jim Duncan and his staff are amazing people and I am truly the one who is blessed. After being introduced to this software I soon learned I would not know how I would live without it. It is a revolutionary part of my life I use on a daily basis!!  This team is by a far top of the line and much respect goes out to them.

Thank You Jim and staff for a life changing gift and tool!!!

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Just answer a few quick questions and you'll be on your way to elevated property management.
Kimberly Holland
Around the Clock
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We love ResortCleaning!  This website was an absolute lifesaver for our company.  It is completely user friendly and the staff is amazing. Any time that we have encountered any issues, they were swiftly taken care of by the staff at ResortCleaning.  I always tell our property owners and managers that this will help them tremendously in keeping up with their bookings and scheduling the housekeeping for their properties.

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