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Amanda Williams
A & W Cleaning

ResortCleaning has helped me to free up a lot of time so I am able to focus on expanding my business and making sure that operations are running smoothly. Before I started to use ResortCleaning I was spending an average of 30 hours a week just on scheduling cleans, invoicing owners, scheduling cleaners, doing payroll, and talking to each individual owner about special requests that they have. Now owners do their own scheduling and can add notes that go directly to each cleaner. I also spend less time on doing payroll and invoicing because it is all done for me and I just have to look over everything and with a click of a button everything is done! I could not be any happier with how much of a great impact ResortCleaning has had on my life!

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Get Started with ResortCleaning

Just answer a few quick questions and you'll be on your way to elevated property management.
Shelia Hornsby
White Sands Resort Services

When I first heard about Resort Cleaning, I was very skeptical. My thoughts were that no way was I going to allow another company to “get into” my business. After two years I gave in to try it. I can honestly say that I have no idea how I managed in the years without this wonderful addition to our business.

Prior to Resort Cleaning, my typical weekend started on Friday morning and did not end until Sunday afternoon. There was no time to sleep or anything other than prepare for the weekend. My schedule for 200 units was kept in a three-ring binder on notebook paper. It took HOURS to prepare assignment sheets for cleaners. My usual routine on Friday was to work at home until around 3 or 4 AM and then go to office to complete preparing assignment sheets. The first weekend with Resort Cleaning I was finished and ready for cleaners by 3:20 AM. I remember sitting there wondering what I was missing. Why did I not have more to do? I dreaded Saturday afternoons fearing that I would get a call that I had missed a clean. How could I not miss a clean with my system?

Resort Cleaning not only saves immeasurable time in scheduling and assigning but it saves numerous text messages, phone calls and emails because clients are not having to contact me with last minute changes or instructions. It is all placed in Resort Cleaning.

Jim Duncan and his staff are standing by ready to assist whenever needed and are a true asset to any cleaning service. We are certainly blessed to have them as part of ours.

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