4 Benefits of Our Cleaning Service App for Property Managers

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June 7, 2021

As a property manager, you are required to take on quite a few responsibilities, including finding renters, marketing properties for owners, and maintaining those properties. Your job could be simplified with our cleaning service app! Our app makes it easy to keep up with cleaning properties and makes managing them easier for you. Check out these 4 benefits of our cleaning service app for property managers:

1. Simplify Making Schedules


As a property manager, you have quite a few things that need to be scheduled for properties. Rentals need to be cleaned right after a tenant or guest leaves, or you may need to schedule maintenance for a leaky faucet. You can easily schedule a cleaning crew or maintenance person to come to your rentals through our app. If you have staff members that come in to work on different aspects of your properties, you can easily set up their schedule. Our app simplifies the scheduling process for you, whether it is in house or not.

2. Effortlessly Communicate with Staff

Since you’re busy managing properties for owners, you need to be able to get in touch with your staff easily. Our cleaning service app makes it effortless to communicate with your staff. You can message the entire staff as a team or individually through the app. Use push notifications to let your employees know when a property is vacant and ready for cleaning or when you’ve updated their schedule. By using our app to communicate with your team, you can have all of your communication in one place.

3. Keep Up with Inventory


A huge perk of using our cleaning service app as a property manager is being able to keep up with your inventory. Use this part of the app to see which rentals are full or available. You will know which rentals are vacant as soon as guests or tenants leave. In addition to keeping up with properties, you can use this feature to keep up with cleaning supplies if you have a housekeeping team. Instead of checking a variety of platforms to keep up with inventory, you can have it all in one space.

4. Easily Manage Properties

Of course, our app is designed to make managing properties easier for you. We have tools where you can provide your staff members with feedback and keep up with productivity. In addition to making it easier to communicate with your staff, our app collects all of your invoices in one place. You won’t have to look in multiple places to find what you’re looking for since all of it will be housed in the app. Plus, if you’re in need of new maintenance or cleaning crews, we have a service provider network so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll love how much simpler your job is after using our app.

These benefits, and many others, will make your job as a property manager easier when you use this app. You won’t want to go back to how you used to manage properties after using our cleaning service app. Simplify your property management by signing up for our app today.

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