Top 4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaners for Airbnb Rentals

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September 22, 2023

One of the primary duties of hosting an Airbnb rental is determining how you are going to clean your room or house, as every new guest will be expecting a pristine property at check-in time. This is typically the first item that guests will focus on and it will definitely get mentioned in their review, especially if their standards are not met! Therefore, many hosts prefer to utilize a professional Airbnb cleaning service to clean and maintain their rental. Here are the top 4 benefits of hiring professional cleaners for Airbnb rentals:

1. Someone Else Handles the Cleaning Details

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The most obvious benefit of hiring professional cleaners for Airbnb rentals is that it shifts the cleaning details to someone (or a group of people) other than yourself! Since there are plenty of other non-cleaning details that require your attention as an Airbnb owner and manager, this shift allows you to focus on other tasks. Whether you are contacting your guests to make sure they are comfortable or adding lists of local tourist attractions to your listing, you’ll appreciate the extra time on your hands!

2. Your Airbnb Reputation is Protected

When you hire a professional cleaning service for your Airbnb rental, it allows you to protect your Airbnb reputation! The Airbnb industry thrives on reviews and feedback from your guests, and even one bad review can affect your overall rating! This can make it more difficult to attract future guests, so it's important to indicate your high cleaning standards in your Airbnb listing. Since professional cleaning services will have standards that are necessary to stay in business, they can help maintain the cleanliness that you are striving for! 

3. Focus on Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Rental

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While cleaning is a major task associated with Airbnb ownership, so is maintenance and upkeep! When hiring professional cleaners for Airbnb rentals, you can concentrate more on these aspects. When focusing on the day-to-day cleaning on your own, you may not always have the time to get around to changing light bulbs, fixing leaking faucets, etc. A cleaning service not only gives you more time to focus on upkeep, but they can make a list of maintenance items that need to be addressed each time that they go into your property!

4. Professional Housekeepers are Accountable for Cleaning Issues

When you add a professional cleaning service to your payroll, they are ultimately accountable if something is missed in the cleanup. However, when cleaning a property yourself, everything is your responsibility if something goes wrong! Since you have entered into a contract with a cleaning business, this gives you a line of recourse. In addition, you can set up a contract or agreement to state precisely how you want your property to be cleaned. This can include everything from using only specific types of cleaning products to cleaning a particular furniture item in a certain way.

Now that you know the benefits of hiring professional cleaners for Airbnb rentals, learn how our housekeeping software can help run your housekeeping services with ease!

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