The Airbnb Cleaning Checklist You Need for Your Properties

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May 26, 2023

If you have ever stayed in a short term rental property to discover that the shower is moldy, the surfaces are grimy and the floor hasn’t been vacuumed properly, it’s a terribly disappointing experience! Your Airbnb guests are expecting a crystal-clean environment that looks just as impressive as it did when you first opened your doors to business! Whether you hire a cleaning crew or do it yourself, you’ll want to make sure your location is sparkling clean! Therefore, here is the Airbnb cleaning checklist that you need for your properties:


  • Change and Replace Towels
  • Clean Faucets and Shower
  • Scrub the Toilet
  • Check Sink and Shower Drains for Clogs
  • Make Sure Hand Soap is Available
  • Mop the Floor
  • Empty the Trash
  • Sweep or Vacuum


cleaners in a bedroom of an airbnb
  • Change and Replace Sheets and Linens
  • Wipe Down Windows and Fan Blades
  • Inspect Closets
  • Sweet and Vacuum the Entire Space (including under the bed)
  • Remove Any Trash 


  • Inspect the Refrigerator for Leftover Food/Drink Items
  • Wipe Down the Refrigerator Shelves and Counters
  • Clean and Replace Kitchen Towels
  • Empty and Run the Dishwasher
  • Clean out Crumbs and Spills from Cabinets
  • Clean the Faucets and Sink
  • Make Sure that the Hand Soap Dispenser is Full

Laundry Room

  • Wipe Down the Exterior of the Washer and Dryer (including knobs)
  • Clean Up Any Detergent Spills
  • Remove Dryer Lint
  • Ensure That the Laundry Baskets are Clean and Ready for Use

Living Room

  • Sweep and Vacuum the Entire Space (including under tables and chairs)
  • Wipe Down Windows and Fan Blades
  • Inspect the Closets
  • Dust and Wipe Down Furniture and Surface Areas
  • Remove Any Trash From the Space

Property Exterior

  • Keep the Lawn Trimmed and Pull Any Weeds
  • Clean the Grill 
  • Wipe Down Patio Furniture
  • Sweep the Sitting and Dining Area
  • Remove Any Trash or Debris
  • Shake Out Any “Welcome” Mats
man mowing the lawn

In addition to these cleaning tasks that you should complete between each guest, you’ll occasionally want to do a deeper cleaning when you have the time available! Therefore, here is a convenient checklist that you can refer to throughout the year:

Monthly Tasks

  • Pull Weeds from the Pathways, Patio and Other Highly Visible Areas
  • Check Plumbing and Faucets Throughout the Property
  • Trim Any Overgrown Landscaping
  • Check for Any Light Bulbs That Are Burned Out (Exterior and Interior)

Every 3 to 6 Months

  • Thoroughly Dust All Furniture
  • Complete a Deep Cleaning All Around the Refrigerator and Stove
  • Open The Windows and Doors to Let Fresh Air Into the Property

Annual Tasks

  • Repaint Areas as Necessary
  • Treat Stains on the Carpets and Furniture
  • Wipe Down All Cabinets
  • Treat Any Scuff Marks on Walls, Wooden Furniture or Counter Space

Now that you have a handy Airbnb cleaning checklist for your properties, you can ensure a positive experience for your guests and keep those five star reviews coming in! Make your life even easier by taking advantage of our professional housekeeping software to manage all aspects of your cleaning services! Don’t forget to check out our demo too, where you can see exactly how our housekeeping software helps manage the chaos of running an Airbnb!

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