Top 4 Benefits of Using QR Codes in Vacation Rentals

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May 3, 2021

A QR code, or a quick response code, is the graphic equivalent to a URL that can direct users to websites or app operations. QR codes can be extremely useful for vacation rentals and can provide guests with easy access and information about your rental and the surrounding area. Here are the top 4 benefits to using QR codes in vacation rentals: 

1. QR Codes Make Checking In & Out Simple

Thanks to QR codes, checking in and out has never been easier. With the press of a button, your guests will be able to let you know the exact times they arrive and leave your rentals. Forget any registration forms or papers, your guests can provide all their information, as well as ask any questions regarding check-in and check-out, through the code. You also won’t have to worry about updating the ResortCleaning app after every check-out, especially if your guests leave early in the morning. With our built in vacancy text feature coupled with the QR code, a text will be automatically sent to your cleaning company after your guests leave. Less work for you, less stress for your guests!

2. Guests Have All the Rental Information at Their Fingertips

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Leave the property binders in the past! With the new features of QR codes, guests can access every piece of rental information through their phone. Any questions they may have about the property, amenities, or rental information can all be found by scanning a QR code. You won’t have to be constantly responding to questions or updating your property binder! Your guests will be equipped with everything they need to have an awesome experience at one of your vacation rentals!

3. Easily Supply an Area Guide to Your Guests

If it’s your guest’s first time visiting your property and the surrounding area, they will probably have questions about restaurants, things to do, or local events. When you incorporate QR codes into your rental, you can provide your guests with all that information and more! Connect menus, link to attractions, and provide information about events, as well as any recommendations you may have. Your guests will love this feature and will appreciate your assistance in planning out their trip. Your rental will stand out among the rest with these awesome bonus features!

4. Guests Are More Likely to Leave a Review on Their Phones

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When your guests use the check-out feature, make sure you prompt them to leave a review of your property! Reviews are so important, as they help build a good reputation for your property, in addition to providing you with suggestions for how to make your vacation rentals the best they can be! Build a Google form and attach it to your QR code so that your guests can easily leave a review as they’re leaving! This code can be attached to your check-out instructions.

Now that you know the benefits of using QR codes in your vacation rentals, you can begin to incorporate this feature into your properties. If you’re ready to make your property management experience easier, sign up with our house cleaning app and learn how we can help you today!

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