Top 5 Ways That Our Housekeeping App Helps to Manage Your Rental Property

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August 30, 2023

We know that it can be stressful managing the chaos of a rental property, especially when it comes to maintaining a housekeeping schedule to keep your property clean! The great news is that we offer a complete housekeeping command center from a convenient and powerful mobile app, allowing you to keep your staff in the loop at all times! Here are the top 5 ways that our housekeeping app helps to manage your rental property:

1. Convenient Mobile Schedule

One of the top ways that our housekeeping app helps to manage your property is that it provides your team with their schedule and it's always available right at their fingertips! You can create a schedule in the app up to 365 days in advance to ensure that the housekeeping tasks at your rental are always covered! Of course, you will also be able to reschedule and cancel housekeeping appointments if necessary. The helpful and efficient mobile app helps you to do your job without stress!

2. Built In Push Notifications

housekeepers hired off a mobile app

Another handy feature of our housekeeping app is the built-in push notifications, where you’ll be notified in the case of appointment updates, vacancy notifications and much more! These instant notifications allow you to have real-time information, such as confirmation when your property has been cleaned and is fully prepared for the next check-in. After just a few days of using our convenient housekeeping software, you’ll be amazed how easy it becomes to manage your rental property!

3. Integrated Bookkeeping Services

While using our housekeeping app, you’ll know exactly where your money is coming and going with the integrated bookkeeping services! Whether keeping track of payroll or other invoices for your rental property, the accurate and intuitive app makes bookkeeping a snap! We also make it easy to work with other businesses through your account. Whether you need help with bookkeeping or pay for yourself or your employees, you can link your account with a number of business management programs that can help you be more efficient!

4. Photos to Ensure Consistency

cleaning a room in a house

Many property owners love that they can easily add photos to our housekeeping app to show exactly how their property should look after it has been cleaned! This is the only way that you can ensure consistency and maintain high standards of cleanliness between each guest! The photos can even become part of your checklist to help ensure that all aspects of housekeeping have been successfully completed.

5. Notes to Deliver Information

Our housekeeping app includes a feature when you can add any special notes to your housekeeping staff, such as late check-outs, extended stays and more. These specific appointment notes help you drive successful outcomes and deliver information to each and every rental! You can even use status icons to keep track of all your notes!

Check out all of the information about our housekeeping app today to learn more about how our software can make your life easier! We look forward to providing you with the right tool you need to manage your rental property! 

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