5 Features of Our Housekeeping Software Your Property Management Company Will Love

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January 12, 2021

At ResortCleaning, we know that running a property management company can often be chaotic since there are so many tasks and things to remember! You will be relieved to know our housekeeping software can take the stress out of managing your properties so you can manage your business more efficiently! Here are 5 features of our housekeeping software your property management company will love:

1. Powerful Scheduling Tools


of the big headaches of running a property management company is making sure your properties are cared for when you need it! Our housekeeping software features powerful scheduling tools to manage all of your housekeeping needs, ranging from contracted cleaning services to in-house programs. The software also allows you to provide expectations to your housekeeping teams, and you can even follow up with your own inspection using our convenient mobile applications! 

2. Brand Standard Management

Another feature of our housekeeping software that your property management company will love is Brand Standard Management. This ensures a high level of quality for all of your units with custom inspections, property photos, property notes, and your expectations. By providing your team with specific photos of how you expect each property to appear, this ensures consistent high quality! If there are any specific items you need to address before any particular rental, you can also add notes to quickly deliver information to your team!

3. Efficient Inventory Management


running a property management company, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the supplies in your units. Our housekeeping software allows you to manage property and stockroom supply inventory with ease! The Mobile Inventory Tracking feature manages stock room levels based on draws for the units, while reorder prompts appear when supplies are low. This helps to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, resulting in excellent property reviews and increased business!

4. Mobile Applications for All Users

Property Management companies love that our housekeeping software offers mobile applications for all users! This makes it simple to communicate with your entire staff and to keep them in the loop on any issues. The app also features convenient push notifications for appointment updates, vacancy notifications, and much more! After just a few weeks of using our housekeeping app, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!

5. Extensive Service Provider Network


understand proper staffing can be a challenging aspect of property management, so you will be excited to know our housekeeping software includes an extensive service provider network! Whether you are looking for a new housekeeping provider or maintenance staff, our extensive network can help find exactly what you need! This helps you save tons of time and aggravation of trying to find housekeeping and maintenance staff all on your own!

Now since you know the features of our housekeeping software your property management company will love, sign up today to take advantage of ResortCleaning’s full suite of operational management tools! 

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