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December 17, 2020

Although the number of travelers who prefer to stay in Airbnb properties as an alternative to hotels is increasing every year, the expectations for cleanliness have not changed! Some of the most common negative reviews for AirBnb stays are related to the guest’s dissatisfaction with cleanliness standards. Therefore, it is no wonder why Airbnb hosts have seen the tremendous value of our housekeeping app to ensure that your property is sparkling clean for each new guest! Here are the top 5 reasons why Airbnb hosts love our housekeeping app:

1. Easy and Efficient Scheduling

The housekeeping app from ResortCleaning makes it easy to schedule housekeeping, inspection and maintenance services for your rental property! This is especially helpful for Airbnb properties, which normally have short term rentals and a high guest turnover. Since your property requires a frequent deep cleaning after every guest checks out, you can stay on top of these cleaning tasks with ResortCleaning! Think of our housekeeping app as a housekeeping command center with a full suite of operational management tools to help you run your housekeeping operations!

2. Full Integration With Your Property Management Software

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Another reason why Airbnb hosts love our housekeeping app is that it offers full integration with your property management software! You can easily connect Airbnb to ResortCleaning to manage the housekeeping and maintenance tasks for your Airbnb property. Once you import your iCal links to ResortCleaning, our app will automatically schedule departure cleans based on your reservations! 

3. Relieves Stress from Managing Your Airbnb

One of the huge benefits of our housekeeping app is that it relieves the stress from managing your Airbnb, especially if you have multiple rental properties! ResortCleaning can help you with the tasks that bog you down so that you can be better at managing your business! Since many AirBnb hosts have full time jobs and other duties, our housekeeping app also frees up your time so that you can concentrate more on your daily tasks! 

4. Improves Guest Ratings

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A big part of driving business to your Airbnb rental is positive guest reviews, so you will be excited to know that the housekeeping app from ResortCleaning can lead to improved guest ratings! Our app ensures that the cleaning tasks are completed in a timely fashion before each check-in, which is especially important if you only have a few hours available between each departure and arrival! This leads to a better guest experience and will improve the reputation of your Airbnb property.

5. Provides Reports All in One Place

Our housekeeping provides all of your reports in one place to make bookkeeping as simple as possible! You will know exactly where money is coming and going with our integrated invoicing and payroll. With the reduction in paperwork, you can easily manage your Airbnb without the headache of using several different systems for reports!

Now that you know why Airbnb hosts love our housekeeping app, sign up today to simplify the management of your own rental property! We know that you will love making your life easier with ResortCleaning!

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