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February 8, 2021

If your team is spread out across several places, it may feel difficult to keep up with them. With our housekeeping app, you have an easy way to stay in contact with your team and evaluate their work without having to inspect every single thing they’re doing. Our app has a ton of helpful features to stay up to date on your team’s work. Here are the ways you can evaluate your team with our housekeeping app:

1. Custom Inspection Checklists


A great way you can keep up with your staff is to use the custom inspection checklists. No matter what needs to be done at the rental or property, you can create a list to make sure your team gets it done. You will be able to see tasks marked off on their lists, and you’ll love being able to keep up with their progress in real time. This is also a great way to help staff improve when it comes to mistakes and possibly missing items on the task list. No matter if you need a cleaning checklist or a day-to-day task checklist, you’ll be able to curate it on our app!

2. Keep Up with Productivity

Our housekeeping app allows you to monitor your team’s productivity. You won’t be able to go everywhere with each staff member and know what they are doing. But with our app, you can! Make lists and include pictures of the properties after they clean to see how productive they are being. You’ll have access to cleaning schedules and be able to see what your team is doing from anywhere. You’ll love to be able to keep up with productivity in a single place.

3. Performance Grading

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When it comes to team reviews, you probably want a better way to streamline them and keep up with their progress. Our housekeeping app has a “report card” of sorts for your team! You can keep up with their productivity, schedule, and so much more, providing you with all the information you need about their performance. You’ll be able to give important feedback to each member based on their work, which is a great way to improve team morale and their work ethic!

4. Messaging System

Through our app, you’ll be able to stay in contact with your team at all times. Through the messaging system, you can evaluate your team. You can ask each other questions, keep up with job sites, and share important information about jobs. Having all of this in the app prevents you from needing several different phone numbers and keeping up with everyone’s contact information. You’ll have access to your whole team and individual members through our messaging system.

Our housekeeping app makes it easier to evaluate your team. You’ll be able to see how their work is going and what can be improved to make their job, and yours, easier! Ready to streamline your team? Sign up for our housekeeping app today!

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