Top 3 Reasons Our Housekeeping Software is Essential for Your Scheduling Needs

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February 29, 2024

If your housekeeping scheduling system consists of notebook paper or a whiteboard with checklists, you’re already aware that it’s time to modernize to an efficient software system! Since you need a platform that is specifically geared towards handling housekeeping tasks in vacation rentals, timeshares and hotels, look no further than our professional housekeeping software! Here are the top 3 reasons why our housekeeping software is essential for your scheduling needs:

1. Real Time Communication with Your Housekeeping Team

communicating with housekeeper

One of the headaches of scheduling cleanings is often communicating with your team, especially if you run multiple rental properties when your staff is always on the go! Our housekeeping software features a mobile app for all users, making it easy to keep your team in the loop at all times! You’ll also be able to provide push notifications for appointment updates, vacancy notifications and more! By providing your housekeeping staff with mobile access to tasks, assignments and other important information, you’ll save time and improve your productivity! 

2. Ability to Create Custom Inspection Checklists for Scheduled Cleanings 

Another top reason why our housekeeping software is essential for your scheduling needs is because it allows you to create custom inspection checklists for your scheduled cleanings. You also have the flexibility to create this custom checklist for each property or apply one checklist across all properties! This allows your team to focus and prioritize specific tasks so that they don’t miss anything important. In addition to the checklist, you can add notes for any particular cleaning and can provide photos to show your team exactly how each property should look!

3. Lowers the Stress of Managing Your Properties

list of priorities

Let’s face it - scheduling cleanings can be a very stressful part of property management! Therefore, a huge benefit of our housekeeping software is that it reduces your stress! Since our software saves you time and frustration, you can shift your focus to concentrating on other areas of your business! In addition to the scheduling benefits, our software also allows you to complete performance grading for your staff and generate all of your reports in one place! Whether you are dealing with payroll, invoices, productivity, inventory or  inspections, you’ll appreciate this premium level of organization!

About Our Professional Housekeeping Software

Our professional housekeeping software is not only essential for scheduling, but for all areas of property management! We want to make life easier for you, so we offer a full suite of operational management tools that help you manage the chaos! With everything from integrated bookkeeping features to powerful inventory management, you’ll quickly discover that your business runs more efficiently than ever before! We can even help you find a new housekeeping or maintenance provider, as we have an extensive network to locate exactly what you need! As far as pricing for our housekeeping software, you only pay for what you use and we offer several different plans based on your specific needs.

Check out the free demo our our housekeeping software today to see for yourself why it is essential for your scheduling needs! You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

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