Top 5 Ways That Our Software Simplifies Housekeeping for Airbnb Rentals

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August 31, 2023

We know that operating an Airbnb rental property can be quite rewarding, but also stressful — especially when it comes to housekeeping services! When guests are checking into your property, first impressions are everything and cleanliness should be your top priority. You not only want your guests to be happy, but want to generate positive reviews and word of mouth! The great news is that our housekeeping software can help make your life easier than ever before! Here are the top 5 ways that our software simplifies housekeeping for Airbnb rentals:

1. Comprehensive Team Management

If you have a team of several housekeepers, our software allows you to keep track of your entire staff with ease! Our housekeeping software offers a convenient way to schedule your cleaning services, and a mobile app keeps your staff in the loop so that everyone is always on the same page! You can also add specific notes to each housekeeping appointment to deliver information, such as late check-outs and other important details!

2. Custom Inspection Checklists

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Another top way that our software simplifies housekeeping for Airbnb rentals is that it offers the ability to create custom inspection checklists! These checklists are readily available to your housekeeping staff and can be seen through the mobile app so that there is never a question about any particular cleaning details. You can even add photos to the app to indicate the cleaning standards expected of your property! 

3. Integrated Invoicing and Payroll

When it comes to paying your housekeeping staff, you’ll love that our housekeeping software offers integrated invoicing and payroll! You’ll know exactly where your money is coming from and going at all times. This helps eliminate some of the headaches that are associated with the bookkeeping aspects of rental property management. By helping to take care of tasks that normally bog you down, our software helps you focus on better managing your business!

4. Service Provider Network

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When starting an Airbnb for the first time, one of the biggest challenges can be finding a professional housekeeping service! You’ll not only want an individual or company that is trustworthy, but one that will complete the job to your specifications! Therefore, you’ll be delighted to know that our housekeeping software includes an extensive Service Provider Network with access to some of the best housekeeping and maintenance companies in your area!

5. Powerful Inventory Management

Another challenge of housekeeping for Airbnb rentals is having all of the proper cleaning supplies readily available to your staff! You’ll also want to have those items available that housekeepers need to replenish for each Airbnb guest, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, shampoo, etc. Our housekeeping software helps to simplify this process with powerful inventory management, allowing you to manage your property supply inventory with ease! 

Now that you know how our software simplifies housekeeping for Airbnb rentals, check out a free demo of our housekeeping software today! We look forward to making your life as an Airbnb property owner as easy as possible!

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