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January 19, 2024

We can go on for days about how you’ll benefit from our professional housekeeping software, but the true success of a product or service depends on customer satisfaction! Therefore, you’ll be impressed to know that many of our new clients come from positive word-of-mouth by thousands of happy customers around the world! To give you an idea why we’re the top housekeeping software for vacation rentals, read on to discover what customers love most about ResortCleaning!

1. Our Housekeeping Software is Simple to Use

schedules and workflows

One of the things that customers love the most about our professional housekeeping software is that it is simple to use! Once you have our housekeeping app, you’ll be up and on your way to making your life in vacation rental property management easier than ever before! Snayja from Platinum Cleaning was happy to report that ResortCleaning is “very functional to set up schedules, cancel, reschedule, etc. It's a very helpful and efficient tool to help us to do our jobs without stress!”. 

2. Keeps Your Business Organized and Efficient

Our customers also love that our housekeeping app keeps your business organized and efficient! This is because our app offers a full suite of operational management tools to help you run their housekeeping and maintenance operations! Just listen to Ana from Coastal Cleaning Service, who provided feedback that “between dispatching cleaners, scheduling jobs, invoicing, and getting new customers it's hard to find the time to keep my business organized. ResortCleaning is an affordable user-friendly system that helps my company stay organized and efficient. I cannot imagine running a cleaning business without ResortCleaning”!

3. Easy to Generate Payroll and Invoices

payroll and invoices

Another one of the reasons that customers love most about ResortCleaning is that the app makes it easy to generate payroll and invoices! You’ll know exactly where your money is coming from and going with our integrated invoicing and payroll. You can create your invoice for one client or multiple clients in just a couple of clicks and run your payroll  for your team within seconds with built in piece rate pay for each service! According to Amy from Bluewater Solutions, “I love that I can schedule cleans, assign cleaners to units, generate payroll and invoice clients in a matter of minutes. This website makes office work so easy and saves me so much time!” 

4. Ability to Successfully Manage Cleaning Appointments

The ResortCleaning software allows you to successfully manage cleaning appointments because it features powerful scheduling features for housekeeping, inspections and maintenance! You’ll also be able to keep your team in the loop at all times with the mobile app, providing real-time information about any schedule changes or updates. Joann from a Cleaning Experience, LLC, offered feedback that “before using ResortCleaning, I had problems scheduling and effectively managing my cleaning appointments.  Now using the program, I have total control of my day to day operations, which has resulted in our ability to save time and cost”!

Now that you know what customers love most about ResortCleaning, discover for yourself how our housekeeping app can help make your life easier! We look forward to helping reduce the day-to-day stress of running your business!

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