Top 6 Ways Our Housekeeping Software Makes Your Life Easier

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September 18, 2020

Running your property or vacation rental doesn’t have to be difficult. So many aspects of managing your business would be so much easier if you use our housekeeping software! If you want information, such as schedules, to be sent out easily or you want more help with bookkeeping, you need our help! Here are the top 6 ways our housekeeping software makes your life easier:

1. Consolidates Tasks

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You probably have several tasks you have to do throughout the day that prevent you from doing your main job: managing vacation rentals. You can consolidate all of these tasks with our housekeeping software. Easily make schedules, sent out information, and manage your team all from this software. You can even fully integrate with your clients’ performance management system.

2. Everyone Has Information

Any information you want your workforce to have, they will get it through our mobile app. They will receive push notifications about appointment updates and vacancy notifications. Getting everyone’s schedule out to them doesn’t have to be hard. With our mobile app, all of your employees can have their schedule sent to them! You can look up to 365 days ahead on the schedule. 

3. Manage Your Team


not always there while your team is doing their job. With our housekeeping software, you can easily manage your team. Through our app, your staff can see productivity expectations you have for them. We also have a special feature known as housekeeping grading, which helps your staff with problem areas so they can improve their work.

4. Simplify Bookkeeping

Many people have the most issues with bookkeeping. With our technology, this process becomes significantly easier for you. You’ll be able to know exactly where money is coming from and where it’s going. You can make invoices for clients in just a few minutes. You can even customize them based on what client it is. You’ll also be able to control payroll through our technology.

5. Keep Up With Inventory

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inventory management technology simplifies keeping up with your inventory. Instead of going through everything by hand, you can take some of the grunt work out of keeping up with what you have in stock. You’ll be able to manage stock room levels, and there are prompts and notifications to remind you to reorder when you’re running low.

6. Customizable Development

Is there something we don’t have that you’re looking for? We can help you with that! We can build a mobile app to make it easier for your customers to book your services. Need a website update? We can also help with revamping your website. We can even help with marketing by creating a plan just for you.

Managing your housekeeping business or property management company doesn’t have to be hard. With our housekeeping software, you have the ability to make your life easier. Ready to take some of the weight off your shoulders? Get started by signing up with us today!

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