Top 3 Reasons You Need Our Housekeeping App Now More Than Ever

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October 9, 2020

In times where customers are concerned about safety, you need all the tools you can get. Our housekeeping app will help you manage your properties now more than ever. You want to easily communicate with staff and stay up to date with what’s going on. Here are the top 3 reasons why you need our housekeeping app now more than ever:

1. Create Safe Schedule

people making a schedule

Safety is the most important aspect right now. You want your customers to feel safe so they will continue to book at your rentals, and you want staff to feel safe so they will continue to work. With our technology, you can efficiently schedule staff to clean rentals. Since you need to have inspections after cleanings to make sure everything is up to par, you can easily schedule your staff to clean the properties, then wait until they have left to send in your inspectors. Does something need to be fixed? Send maintenance in at a different time than the cleaners and inspectors.

2. Improve Contactless Service

Sometimes guests need their rooms cleaned before they leave, so you can easily schedule cleanings during parts of the day when customers won’t be there. The same goes for maintenance. You want every person involved to feel as safe as possible with contactless service, which is achievable with our housekeeping app. Need to have a meeting with your staff and share information about bookkeeping or inventory? You can share information through our app with others to maintain a safe social distance during virtual meetings.

3. Upkeep of Staff Morale


During these uncertain times, you should be there for your staff. They want to feel safe and secure while they are at work. By communicating with them through our housekeeping app, your staff will feel like they are being included and informed. They will be able to check their schedule and get messages from you without having to go anywhere in person to get a schedule or communicate with other staff members.

More About Our Housekeeping App

There is so much you can do with our housekeeping app. Like we’ve previously mentioned, you can keep up with inventory stock, send schedules, and communicate with your staff. You will also have the ability to connect our app with your business management system or your client’s PMS. You can also keep up with all kinds of bookkeeping information to keep an eye on payroll and invoicing. There are options for you to build out services menus and get custom development to meet your specific needs.

These are just a few reasons why you need our housekeeping app now more than ever. Are you ready to get our app? Sign up now and make your business simple!

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