5 Reasons Your Hotel Needs Our Housekeeping Software

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October 26, 2020

Have you been trying to figure out a way to make your hotel’s housekeeping more efficient? Our housekeeping software can help you with that! Keep up with your staff, get real-time results, and easily communicate through our app. Here are 5 reasons why your hotel needs our housekeeping software:

1. Real Time Results

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With our app, you can move away from traditional methods of keeping up with housekeeping tasks. Your cleaners won’t have to use walkie talkies or try to find management to find out which rooms are ready to be cleaned. You won’t have to use a clipboard and a piece of paper. All of the information your workers will need is on our app. They can see in real time which rooms are ready to be cleaned, and they can update which rooms have been cleaned as soon as they finish. There’s nothing better than getting real-time results of clean rooms!

2. Eliminate Confusion

With the clipboard and paper method, it can be confusing to know if guests have left their rooms or which rooms your workers are supposed to clean. With our housekeeping software, you can eliminate this confusion. You’ll be able to see if rooms still have guests in real time, so your staff will know which rooms on their list can or can’t be cleaned. It’s crystal clear where they should clean first, so they don’t waste their time trying to figure out where to start.

3. Keep Up With Staff

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Another perk of our housekeeping software is being able to keep up with your staff. You will be able to log on and see updates of rooms that have been cleaned, rooms that still need to be cleaned, how much your staff has gotten done, and so much more. You can use certain reports to see how quickly each staff member cleans the rooms, which enables you to keep up with who needs to improve and who is doing a great job.

4. Easily Communicate

Our housekeeping technology makes it simple to communicate with your staff. Through the app, you can tell your staff updates about the hotel, individual rooms, and so much more. Staff members can look at their individual schedules all in one place. You’ll be able to send out mass messages to inform your staff of changes or updates. There’s never been an easier way to keep up with everyone.

5. Manage More Effectively

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You won’t have a hard time managing your team with our housekeeping software. You’ll be able to see what is going on in real time and send a message to a team member instantly. Keep up with productivity with all kinds of reports you can use in our app. Need to know if you’re low on cleaning supplies? Our app can even help you with inventory and to know when it’s time to restock. Our technology makes managing your team even easier.

Our housekeeping software makes managing your team simple. Ready to get started? Sign up today and get our app to make your life easier!

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