6 Housekeeping Tips for Hotels You Need to Try

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April 20, 2021

Keeping your hotel clean is incredibly important for not only the guests but also your staff. If you want to get that sparkling clean feel there are a few ways you can achieve a five-star finish. From deep cleaning to the organization cart, there are always tips and tricks that can elevate your cleaning experience. Here are 6 housekeeping tips for hotels you need to try:

1. Air Out the Room Before Cleaning

Before you start cleaning, it’s important to air out the room. Make sure to open all windows or balcony doors in order to bring fresh air in and diminish the smell of any cleaning products. No guest wants to smell chemicals when they enter their room, and your staff doesn’t want to have to work in a place that smells like cleaner. Also make sure to leave the main door open during cleaning to assist with ventilation. 

2. Schedule Extra Time for Deep Cleaning


As frequently as possible, you need to be deep cleaning your rooms. While a room may look clean after a routine cleaning, it often requires extra steps to achieve that desired sparkle. Aim to deep clean your rooms once every three months. Deep cleaning includes steaming carpets, cleaning hard floors and tile with polish, vacuuming the mattress, and washing pillows. We recommend you plan this deep cleaning for a quiet period at your hotel to disturb the least amount of guests.

3. Invest in a Good Housekeeping Trolley

A housekeeping trolley can make or break your cleaning experience. A trolley allows you to transport all needed products in an organized and efficient way. Some items we recommend carrying on your trolley include separate bags for trash and soiled linens, compartments for storing toiletries and mini bar refreshments, and a vacuum holder to avoid having to make multiple trips between rooms. 

4. Always Clean the Bedroom Areas First


One of the  housekeeping tips for hotels that people don’t always consider is how important it is to clean the bedroom first. When you clean the bathroom you’ll be working on the toilets and showers, which carry bacteria and germs you don’t want to end up in the bed sheets. In order to help improve sanitation and overall cleanliness within the rooms, always start with the bedroom. After completing the bedroom tasks you can move onto the bathroom and sanitize yourself and equipment properly afterwards.

5. Use Mattress Protectors

By using a mattress protector you will expand the lifespan of your mattress and in turn save the hotel money. Mattress protectors can save the mattress from liquids and stains, as well as mites and allergens. We recommend also investing in pillow protectors for the same reasons. Your guests will sleep easy knowing that they are sleeping on the cleanest mattress and sheets possible!

6. Use Our House Cleaning App


Let us take the stress out of housekeeping and property management for you! When you use our app, you can expect full integration with your customer’s PMS, powerful scheduling software, and detailed reports! All of our housekeeping features will ensure your hotel is as clean as possible and that your staff knows exactly what’s expected. Distribute schedules, share photos, track progress, and more when you download our app!

 Next time you’re cleaning your rooms, make sure you reread over these housekeeping tips for hotels to get that spotless clean you and your guests are looking for. Want to take your cleaning process to the next level? Sign up with our house cleaning app to learn more.

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