5 Ways to Make Cleaning Simple for Your Housekeeping Staff

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January 22, 2021

When you have a lot of cleaning to do, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to manage your tasks and help you clean your property more efficiently. Here are 5 ways to make cleaning simple

1. Clear the Clutter


When there’s clutter in your space, things can look a lot dirtier than they actually are. In addition, more clutter just means there are more surfaces for dust and dirt to settle on. Clearing clutter regularly will save you time and work when it comes to cleaning. Obviously, getting rid of clutter completely is a bit unrealistic. One way to make this goal manageable is to narrow it down to just flat surfaces. Keeping flat surfaces in your space clean can make cleaning a lot more simple. Once you get used to keeping things decluttered, you’ll find that you can clean surfaces in half the time!

2. Keep Supplies Where They’re Needed

Instead of keeping all of your cleaning supplies in one place, try to keep supplies close to where they will be used. This way, you don’t need to lug all your supplies around the entire property! For example, you may want to put a small cleaning kit under your kitchen sink and your bathroom sink. When you go to clean, this will save you time running back and forth from room to room to get supplies. Also, keeping supplies nearby will make it easier for you to clean up messes as they happen, leaving less work for later!

3. Break Up Large Tasks


If you have a huge cleaning task looming over you, you may feel overwhelmed and never get to it at all. Avoid this problem by breaking large cleaning tasks into smaller parts. Instead of cleaning an entire unit at once, break it up into ten minute segments throughout the day, or throughout the week. This makes your cleaning schedule more flexible so you can continue on with your life without interruption. In addition, this can prevent burnout and make you more likely to complete the task in the end.

4. Get a Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are one of the newer ways to simplify cleaning. Simply turn it on and allow it to clean the floor while you complete other cleaning jobs. Multitasking has never been easier! Robot vacuums are small and compact so they won’t clutter up your space. For maximum efficiency, run your robot vacuum when no one is home, so all you have to do is empty it out for next time! 

5. Download the ResortCleaning App

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In addition to these steps, you can make scheduling your housekeeping services even easier. ResortCleaning streamlines services so that housekeeping companies can communicate with their staff as well as with property owners. They help with all the technical aspects to schedule services and manage payments. ResortCleaning is an easy-to-use mobile app that simplifies your housekeeping experience.

Cleaning isn’t something that most people look forward to, but with these steps, the chores can become a lot simpler. Making tasks more manageable allows you to clean more efficiently and effectively. Sign up for ResortCleaning to simplify your cleaning even more.

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