5 Ways Our Software Helps You Keep Up With Your Housekeeping Staff

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July 15, 2021

Keeping up with your housekeeping staff has never been easier when you use our software! By having your entire team use our housekeeping app, you’ll be able to stay in contact easily so you know what is going on while your staff is working. Plus, you’ll have all kinds of tools at your fingertips to help you stay connected with your team, even when you’re not together! Check out these 5 ways our software helps you keep up with your housekeeping staff:

1. Create Lists for Specific Tasks


If you have a cleaning checklist you want your team to follow or you have a specialized task that needs to get done, you can create them within our app! We created a checklist feature where you can make cleaning checklists, workday tasks, or another type of list and send it out to individual team members or your entire team. By being able to create these tasks, your staff can easily follow your instructions so all of the work gets done!

2. Receive Custom Productivity Reports

If your housekeeping staff is spread out across a hotel or other type of vacation rental, you may not be able to keep up with their productivity easily. Through our housekeeping software, you can set up a variety of different productivity reports so you know how each member of your team is performing. Learn how quickly they go through the cleaning checklists you have made, see how well they have cleaned, and so much more! You’ll love having instant feedback on how your staff is doing.

3. Check Your Team’s Schedule in One Place


When you are trying to juggle multiple staff members’ schedules, it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Our housekeeping app simplifies schedules by keeping them all in one place. With the tap of your finger, you can easily see all of your staff members and vacation rentals cleaning schedules. You can also make adjustments to anyone’s schedule as you need to!

4. Keep Up With Work Through Performance Grading

Through our housekeeping app, you can provide feedback to your team members. Since you will be able to see their productivity reports, you can go in and look at our “report card” for each individual member of your housekeeping staff. You’ll be able to know how well they are doing, what areas could use improvement, and provide this information to each person through our app. There’s no easier way to give feedback to your staff than with our app!

5. Stay in Contact With the Messaging System


Soon, our software will allow you to move away from old forms of communication throughout the day with a new messaging system. You will be able to message each staff member or the team as a whole through the messaging system. You don’t have to create group texts through social media, or use walkie talkies anymore. The team can have our housekeeping app downloaded on their phone so you can easily get a hold of them or give them information they need. Communicating with your team will never be easier!

Now you know how easily you could be keeping up with your housekeeping staff through our app. Ready to make your workday easier? Sign up for our software today!

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