Top 5 Ways to Simplify Vacation Rental Cleaning

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February 14, 2022

When your housekeeping business is cleaning vacation rentals, you want things to run as efficiently as possible. Sometimes guests can check out and check in within a few hours, so you want your cleaners to be as prepared as possible to go in and get the job done quickly, but accurately as well. There are a few ways you can streamline the cleaning process and make things easier on your team. Keep reading to learn the top 5 ways to simplify vacation rental cleaning.

1. Create a Schedule

man making a schedule

One of the best ways to make cleaning vacation rentals easier is to have a schedule. Guests reserve lodging months in advance, so you will be able to create a tentative schedule for your team based on these future reservations. When you make a schedule, you’ll be able to know which person is cleaning which property, so your team knows what their duties are for work, and you can rest easy knowing all of the properties are being taken care of for the next guest.

2. Keep a Checklist

An important way you can simplify vacation rental cleaning is to make a checklist. If cleaners just have a vague idea of what they need to do, it is possible that they could forget to clean an entire section of the rental, or they could entirely miss an important cleaning step. With a checklist, cleaners will be able to go through every room and mark off each cleaning task, knowing they cleaned everything and did all of the tasks on their list. You can also use the list to check back over what they've done to make sure no step was missed!

3. Establish a Process

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Cleaning efficiently is even easier when you have an established process. This would consist of establishing what needs to be done while they are cleaning the rentals, and you can even go so far as to have them follow an exact order of what should be done to maximize time and efficiency. Once the process is laid out for your staff, they will be able to follow it and clean in no time. This also helps you hold your cleaners and your business to a certain standard and means each vacation rental you clean will end up looking the same.

4. Invest in Bulk Cleaning Supplies

You don’t want to run out of supplies unexpectedly. A great way to prevent this from happening is to order supplies in bulk. You can set up cleaning items to be sent every so often if you have a rough idea of how often you go through certain products. Even if you don’t want to set up an automatic shipment, ordering in bulk as you need things can definitely still save money!

5. Use Our App for Vacation Rental Cleaning

woman and phone

Of course, the best way to simplify vacation rental cleaning is to use ResortCleaning’s app. You can utilize a variety of features to make things easier on yourself and staff. Plus, all of the tips on this list can be streamlined through the app! Your team can see their updated schedules with the app, you can make cleaning checklists, and you can easily see what items you need to order. There’s no better way to make cleaning vacation rentals simple than with our app!

Now you know some of the best ways to make vacation rental cleaning easier. Want to get started on simplifying your processes? Sign up for our housekeeping software now!

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