5 Housekeeping Staff Incentive Ideas to Help Retain Employees

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April 15, 2022

The hotel and housekeeping businesses are known for having issues retaining employees. You may be wondering how you can keep hard workers around, and there are quite a few solutions you can implement to ensure your employees enjoy their work and feel appreciated at their job. Check out these 5 housekeeping staff incentive ideas to help retain your employees:

1. Provide Career and Personal Development

housekeepers with cleaning supplies

Most people would love to grow in their career and personal lives. But when you’re at a job that doesn’t allow for that, it makes it hard to want to stay. Be up front with your employees about how they have opportunities to grow in your company, and continue to check in with them to see where they see themselves and how you can help them get to where they want to go in their career.

2. Employee Recognition

A fantastic and simple staff incentive idea you can easily implement is employee recognition. Most of the time, people want to be told they are doing a good job and that you appreciate all of their hard work. There are several ways you could include this in your team, from daily positive affirmations sent out to the whole team or making a point to personally tell all of your staff members what a great job they are doing. You can also start doing employee of the month or calling out employees in a team meeting when they go above and beyond your expectations.

3. Flexible Scheduling

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While we know a flexible schedule isn’t always feasible for every company, you should always try your best to make it as flexible as you can. Maybe you have employees with special circumstances, like a single parent with a child in school, that you must consider and work with them to create a schedule that works with their personal time. A great way to start to implement a flexible schedule is by staggering shift hours so you have full coverage while your employees can still do things outside of work that they need to, like making doctor appointments, visiting friends and family, or other errands.

4. Stop Micromanaging

No one enjoys working for a micromanager. This behavior sends employees running because they don’t feel trusted or appreciated. There have been several studies and polls done, and people say that if they feel they are being monitored all the time, they tend to perform at a lower level. When you allow your employees to do their jobs without hovering over them to make sure tasks get done, a level of trust is built between you. Our app helps you to keep track of employees, without micromanaging!

5. Make Work Fun

people working together as a team

Another housekeeping staff incentive idea to help retain your employees is to make work a fun place to be. You can encourage work to be fun by allowing employees to have the time to get to know their co-workers with meetings or planning a group activity. Another way to incorporate fun in the workplace is to have games or team-building activities planned every once in a while, because no one wants to come into a boring, stuffy workplace every day.

How Our App Can Help

You may be wondering how our housekeeping software can help retain your employees. With our scheduling feature, you will be able to easily switch shifts and send out schedules with the tap of a finger. 

You’ll also be able to keep up with how your staff is doing without micromanaging them. There are several checklists you can have them mark off as they complete their tasks throughout the day, and you won’t have to spend your time double checking their work.

If you want to make work a fun and positive place to be, you can also use the communication feature on our app to personally shout out to high performing employees or ask them fun questions every day.

There are several ways our housekeeping software can help you with staff incentive ideas to keep your employees happy. Sign up for our app today to get started!

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