Top 4 Ways That Our Housekeeping App Allows Your Team to Thrive

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November 28, 2023

As you know from running your business, cleanliness has always been the first criteria when guests are evaluating a property. Therefore, it is completely reasonable to ensure that your employees put forth their best effort to provide spotless accommodations! You also want to prioritize safety and health measures so that your guests can enjoy the best possible experience. Therefore, it is essential to be well equipped and offer your staff the necessary tools to be effective on a daily basis — such as our housekeeping mobile application! Here are the top 4 ways that our housekeeping app allows your team to thrive:

1. Increases Housekeeper Efficiency

One of the top ways that our housekeeping app allows your team to thrive is that it simplifies the daily work of your staff! Your team will easily be able to see the status of a room in real time and can read any notes about special requests or needs from guests.There are also status icons in the app to track notes, photos, VIP Check-ins, late checkouts and other important information! You can even provide your team with specific photos to show exactly how the property should look to ensure consistency!

2. Instant Updates with Push Notifications

woman getting a push notification on her phone

Our housekeeping app allows you to keep your team informed at all times with convenient push notifications for appointment updates, vacancy notifications and more! This instant mode of communication will let your team know which rooms are clean, dirty, being cleaned and ready for inspection. The push notifications also allows your team to be more organized and gain considerable time throughout their day! By putting this app in the hands of your staff, you can forget about the days of paper reports for assigning tasks and using walkie-talkies to communicate!

3. Positive Feedback for Team Motivation

Another top way that our housekeeping app allows your team to thrive is that it allows you to provide positive feedback to your staff! After all, positive reinforcement is a powerful tool that can motivate your employees and increase productivity in the workplace. When using our housekeeping app, you’ll be able to identify both areas of achievement and improvement -  it’s like a report card, but for professionals! By recognizing positive behaviors, you can encourage your team members to continue performing at their best!

4. Provides a Mobile Schedule

list of priorities

Our housekeeping app offers a mobile schedule so that your team will have their schedule at their fingertips at all times. You can even schedule on the app up to 365 days in advance! Your staff will appreciate the convenience of having this schedule available and you’ll be able to ensure that you always have full coverage! You can also keep your team in the loop at all times with any schedule changes, such as early guest departures and cancellations!

Now that you know how our housekeeping app allows your team to thrive, check out the free demo of our housekeeping software to learn more about how our app can be beneficial to your business!

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