4 Signs That You Need Our Hotel Housekeeping Software

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March 22, 2024

Whether you are running a small family owned inn or a large brand name hotel, you certainly know that housekeeping is one of the biggest challenges! Whether it’s hiring enough staff to maintain the cleanliness standards of your hotel, getting in touch with your existing housekeeping team or keeping up with invoices and payroll, it can be a real headache managing all this chaos! Here are 4 signs that you need our hotel housekeeping software:

1. Not Enough Housekeeping Staff to Meet Demand

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Staffing has been a challenging issue for many businesses in the last few years and the hospitality industry is no exception! If the occupancy rates at your hotel are high, you may be struggling to maintain enough housekeeping staff to ensure that rooms are clean. Since most guests consider cleanliness as the most important factor in their stay, you want to ensure that your accommodations are as clean as possible. This not only keeps your current guests happy, but helps to generate favorable reviews for future business! Our hotel housekeeping software features an extensive service provider network so that you can find the staff you need to meet the demands of your hotel! 

2. Problems Keeping Up with Invoices and Payroll

Another one of the signs that you need our housekeeping software is that you are having problems keeping up with invoices and payroll! It doesn’t take long to get bogged down with the bookkeeping aspects of running a hotel, so you’ll be excited to know that our housekeeping software features an accurate and intuitive booking feature! You’ll always know exactly where your money is coming and going at all times with our integrated invoicing and payroll feature!

3. Difficulty Getting in Contact with Your Housekeeping Team

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If you’ve been having trouble keeping in contact with your housekeeping team, this can be a disaster when running a hotel! The last thing you need is to find a voicemail that your staff members are running late or calling in sick when you have a large block of rooms to turn over! Our hotel housekeeping software features a powerful mobile app so that you can keep in contact with your staff at all times! You’ll also be able to keep your team in the loop with push-in notifications for appointment updates, vacancy notifications and more! You can even add specific notes to deliver information about any particular room assignment.

4. Inconsistency Among Your Cleaning Standards 

While reviewing the job performance of your housekeeping team, you may have found inconsistency among the cleaning standards. Our hotel housekeeping software allows you to create a custom inspection checklist so that you can ensure each room is being cleaned to the same specifications! You can also add photos to show exactly how your accommodations should look after they have been properly cleaned. 

If you’ve seen any of these signs while operating your hotel, you know it’s time for our hotel housekeeping software! We look forward to helping you manage your housekeeping operations smoother than ever before!

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