5 Key Features That Make Our Housekeeping Software the Best on the Market

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January 30, 2024

If you’ve been struggling with the daily chaos of running your vacation rental property management or cleaning company, relieve this stress with our user-friendly housekeeping software! We’re here to help you with the tasks that bog you down so that you can become even better at managing your business. After just a few weeks, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! Here are 5 key features that make our housekeeping software the best on the market: 

1. Powerful Task Management

One of the key features of our housekeeping software is task management, which is at the forefront of any successful business operation! We know that keeping track of the daily tasks among your housekeeping staff is crucial, so you’ll love that our software allows you to keep track of your entire team with a convenient and powerful mobile app! You’ll also be able to set productivity expectations for your staff and provide detailed feedback on areas of improvement so that your company can thrive!

2. Full Integration with Property Management Systems

integrations on computer screen

Our housekeeping software has integrations with a number of property management systems and online travel agencies so that you can manage your entire workload from one location! Some of the partners that we integrate with include Airbnb, Booking.com, Guesty, Reservation Key and Trip Advisor, among many others! While it's likely that we have the partner that you need, you can always request an integration for the company you’d like to see integrated with ResortCleaning! 

3. Easy and Efficient Scheduling

You’ll be able to do simple and efficient scheduling with our housekeeping software so that you can plan your housekeeping shifts more easily based on supply and demand! While making your schedule, you can also add specific notes to let your team know about any particular issues such as early check-ins, VIP stays and more! If you have new employees on your schedule, you can even provide them with specific photos showing exactly how the property should look when properly cleaned!

4. Integrated Invoicing and Payroll

invoices and payroll

Another one of the key features that make our housekeeping software the best on the market is the integrated invoicing and payroll feature! By taking advantage of our software, you’ll always know exactly where your money is coming and going at all times. You can create an invoice for one client or all clients in just a couple of clicks, and can run a payroll report for your team within seconds! 

5. Extensive Service Provider Network

When it’s time to find a new housekeeping or maintenance provider, you’ll love that our software features an extensive service provider network! Our extensive network allows you to find exactly what you need, eliminating the headaches of trying to find a new provider on your own! 

Now that you know the key features that make our housekeeping software the best on the market, check out our free demo to see how our software can make your life much easier! We look forward to helping you manage your vacation rental property management or cleaning company better than ever before! 

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