Top 4 Tips on Managing Vacation Rentals During the Summer Months

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June 24, 2024

As the host of a vacation rental, it’s essential to know what your guests are expecting each season and summer travelers may be quite different from your winter guests! For example, during the summer months, you may be attracting more outdoor adventurers, families looking for kid-friendly accommodations, groups of friends attending festivals, or couples seeking a romantic getaway! Therefore, here are the top 4 tips on managing vacation rentals during the summer months:

1. Update Your Listing to Appeal to Summer Guests

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The first thing to do is to update your listing to focus on those property features that appeal to summer guests, such as pools, decks, patios, fire pits, gardens and BBQ areas. You’ll want to add photos of these areas to emphasize their ability for guests to enjoy during their stay! Also mention nearby attractions that are popular in the summer, such as amusement parks, beaches and other recreational destinations. Finally, offer summer-specific amenities including items like beach towers, umbrellas, beach chairs and bicycles for guest use!

2. Perform Seasonal Maintenance Checks

The last thing that you want a guest to experience during a summer heat wave is a broken air conditioner, so you’ll want to perform a seasonal maintenance check on your property’s air conditioning units! This includes cleaning or replacing air filters, inspecting ductwork for leaks or blockages, and testing your thermostat’s functionality. If you have ceiling fans in several rooms, also make sure that they are working properly and add an extra portable fan or two in the closet for guests who like it extra cool! If your property has a pool and/or hot tub, ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned and properly maintained throughout the season.

3. Adjust Your Pricing Strategy for the Summer

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Another one of the top tips for managing vacation rentals during the summer months is adjusting your pricing strategy throughout the summer! If your rental is located in an area with heightened summer demand, you can capitalize on this by setting competitive rates that reflect this increased demand. You may also want to consider offering discounts for longer stays, as this can increase your occupancy rate while securing a more stable income stream in the summer. If you notice a trend where there is higher demand on the weekends, build in discounts for mid-week stays to help fill those gaps in your booking calendar!

4. Streamline Daily Operational Tasks

Just like any other season, you’ll want to streamline your daily operational tasks to ensure a consistent guest experience. This can be even more challenging during the summer months if you have a higher demand with constant turnover! To make your life easier, take advantage of our professional housekeeping software for a full suite of operational management tools to help you run your housekeeping operations! Our software can help ensure that your property is consistently clean and well stocked with essentials, thanks to powerful features such as team management, inventory management, custom development and a mobile app for all users!

Check out the free demo of our housekeeping software today to see for yourself how our software is making managing vacation rentals easier than ever before!

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