How Our Cleaning App Helps Property Managers Overcome Challenges

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April 8, 2022

A property manager handles daily operations, maintenance, and administration of property rentals for the owners. With all of these responsibilities, challenges are bound to arise, but we can help you face them! Keep reading to learn how our cleaning app helps property managers overcome challenges they face in their work lives:

Time Management

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One of the most common things property managers face is being able to manage their time and their staff’s time effectively. Since they must oversee multiple properties, possibly manage a staff or cleaning service, and so much more, their plate can get full quickly. With our cleaning app, property managers are able to create a schedule that works best for them and share it with anyone else who needs access to it. By having their daily routine written down, their time can be better managed.

Communicating With Staff

If you are a property manager, you may find that communicating with your staff members or people you hire out is complicated. Our cleaning app can simplify communicating with anyone on your team! You’ll be able to get messages immediately and hear back from team members about how cleaning or fixing a property is going. If you need to send out a mass message to the entire staff, you can easily do it through our app. You’ll love being able to go to one place to contact anyone you need to instead of trying to find people’s numbers or other contact information.

Bookkeeping Tasks

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Another challenge property managers face in their job is keeping up with bookkeeping tasks. You may take care of payroll using one company or platform and keep up with inventory on paper. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could do everything in one place? Our cleaning app is the technology you need to keep all of your bookkeeping tasks in order and in one place. You won’t have to take the time to find everything in person when it’s all in the app. Easily keep up with payroll, invoices, and inventory through our app.

Controlling Costs

Of course, every property owner wants to save money, and the manager is typically the person who is in charge of how money is spent. They are tasked with the job of lowering operating costs without sacrificing quality of the property. A great way to control costs is get rid of unnecessary platforms and technology and make the switch to our cleaning app. You’ll be able to integrate your owner’s PMS, keep up with inventory, take care of payroll, and do so much more all in one place with our technology.

No job is without its challenges, but if there is a way to simplify the process, you should do it! Property managers can overcome all kinds of challenges they face with the use of our cleaning app. Sign up to learn more about our technology and how it can help you do your job even better!

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