5 Mistakes Vacation Rental Managers Make with Their Housekeeping Departments

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October 12, 2021

If you’re a vacation rental manager, we know it can be hard to keep track of all the moving parts of your rentals and properties. When you have so much going on, it can be easy to fall victim to a few common mistakes when it comes to housekeeping. Don’t worry though, we have a few suggestions on how to remedy these errors. Here are 5 mistakes vacation rental managers make with their housekeeping departments: 

  1. Not Setting Their Standards

When hiring and choosing your housekeeping staff, it is important to set expectations and standards of the job early. We suggest providing your housekeeping department with a packet or something tangible that lays out all of your guidelines and standards for their jobs. When you use our ResortCleaning app, you can add those standards to your properties so that they always know what you expect at each property. You can also monitor and grade productivity among your staff. You will be able to provide any necessary feedback to your housekeepers and keep up with how everyone is doing, all within the convenience of an app.

  1. Not Training Their Staff or Contractors

In addition to not setting proper expectations, not providing proper training to your staff and contractors can lead to a whole world of issues. By the time your housekeeping department enters their first vacation rental, they should know all the proper procedures and ways to complete their jobs that live up to the standards you set in front of them. Eventually, the rest of the team will be able to train new employees, but it is essential you are invested and dedicated to quality training for your initial staff.

  1. Not Paying Enough

No housekeeping staff is going to want to work for a vacation rental manager who doesn’t pay them enough. In this line of work, housekeepers are always in high demand, which means you have to provide them with incentive to work for you instead of your competitors. Once you’ve set a fair salary for your staff, manage all your bookkeeping through our platform. Know exactly where your money is coming from and going to with our integrated invoicing and payroll system. With our business integrations feature, we make handling your money simple.

  1. Not Automating Tasks

One key organization tip we suggest for managing your housekeeping is automating tasks. Your staff will know exactly what needs to be done at every property when they are equipped with all their tasks and any additional information they need regarding the vacation rental. You can automate and oversee these tasks within our app, so you’ll know exactly what is getting accomplished daily. You can alter these tasks whenever you see fit.

  1. Not Giving Their Teams the Right Tools

If you leave your team with empty hands, they won’t be able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Make sure you provide your team with the best tools and rules regarding your business and for each property they visit. You can also manage your tasks on our ResortCleaning app.

Now that you know about a few of the mistakes vacation rental managers make with their housekeeping departments, you can better avoid these issues in the future, especially with the services we offer.. Looking to learn more about our ResortCleaning app? Click here to get a free demo and step up your housekeeping game today!

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