4 Items to Focus on During the Offseason in Your Housekeeping Business

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October 17, 2022

While most housekeeping companies usually have a time of the year when there are fewer reservations, there is never really time to rest. Even during the slower times, there are plenty of things to catch up on that you didn’t have time to do during peak seasons. In order to improve your business and be prepared for your next busy season, here are 4 items to focus on during the offseason in your housekeeping business: 

1. Deep Cleaning of Properties

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While your staff does their best to clean each property in between guests fully, it is hard to have time for some of the more in-depth cleaning. During your offseason, this is the perfect time to catch up on some of the deep cleans that you don’t normally have the time for. Whether it is dusting the ceiling fans and light fixtures or thoroughly cleaning the blinds, there are many tasks that require more time to complete. This is also a good time to take care of some of the deep cleaning, such as the carpets, furniture, and faucets. For more information, email us at danny@resortcleaning.com and we can provide you with a complete deep cleaning list. 

2. Preventative Maintenance

In addition to catching up on deep cleaning, the offseason is the perfect time for maintenance repairs that have been put off during the busy season. Whether it is a leaky faucet or a shaky fan blade, you can inspect all your properties for the small maintenance issues that need to be resolved before you hit the peak time of the year. Even if there aren’t many issues that you are aware of, you can use the offseason to perform preventative maintenance as well, such as checking all the air conditioning units and appliances to ensure everything is working properly. This will save you the time and headache for if something were to go wrong at the least convenient time. 

3. Training Your Staff

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The offseason is the ideal time to handle all your staffing needs. Whether you want to go over some of the things you want to improve during the next year or you need to hire new workers, you do not want to have to deal with these things during your busiest times of the year. It is best to handle all your staffing needs during this time so everyone is trained and on the same page when it comes time for peak season. You do not want to have to worry about training or finding new employees during the busy time because then you will get behind on the work that needs to be completed. 

4. Take the Time to Recharge

While there are a ton of things that can be handled during the offseason, you and your staff also need to take some time to rest and recharge. Once you have completed a busy time of the year, it is crucial to step back and breathe so you are ready for the next season. This time off will allow everyone to reflect on the work that has been done and ensure that everyone is ready to go when they are needed the most! 

Now that you know about some of the ways to handle the offseason, be sure to check out all of our other tips for your housekeeping company. Enjoy the offseason and get ready because the next peak season will be here before you know it!

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