4 Ways Our Housekeeping App Helps Your Housekeeping Company Grow

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November 23, 2020

Managing a successful housekeeping company can be difficult because of all the responsibilities involved, but we’re here to make it easy for you! If you’re looking for an easier way to both manage and grow your housekeeping company, our ResortCleaning app is the answer. Here are 4 ways our housekeeping app helps your housekeeping company grow:

1. Ability to Manage a Bigger Staff

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For your company to grow successfully, your staff will have to grow as well. ResortCleaning makes it easy to manage a bigger staff at your housekeeping company. Our housekeeping app helps with team management so that you can keep track of your entire staff with ease. You can give out individual housekeeper grades, and have a schedule that can easily be accessed by everyone. With our scheduling, you can make sure that your team is taking care of the properties that need it and can see which housekeeper is assigned to which unit. This also makes it easy to follow up with your own inspections to check that their work is up to company standards. 

Communication is key in managing a bigger staff, and our mobile housekeeping app makes it easy to communicate with everyone on your staff. Our mobile app is convenient, and your housekeepers can access it from wherever they are! You can send messages and alerts to keep everyone in the loop, and they can pull up the schedule so they never miss a shift. When you’re managing more staff members, it’s even more important to keep track of invoicing and payroll. ResortCleaning offers bookkeeping services so that you know exactly where your money is coming and going. You can make invoices in just minutes, and control your payroll all through our app.

2. Operations Consulting

Our housekeeping app also offers operations consulting services. When you’re planning to grow your housekeeping company, we’re here to help talk you through the process and offer expert advice. Our operations consultants will help you come up with strategies on how to overcome any challenges your company is facing and effectively grow your business. 

3. Full Integration with Your Clients’ PMS

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Our ResortCleaning app offers full integration with your clients’ property management systems. We have integrations with a variety of partners, from Airbnb, to Hostaway, to VRBO, to Quickbooks and more. We integrate with all these partners and more! Our integrations with PMS and OTAs make it easy to manage your entire workload from one location. 

4. Brand Standard Management

To grow your housekeeping company, you have to grow your company’s brand. Our housekeeping app features brand standard management that allows you to have more control over your company’s brand. You can set up custom inspections, take property photos and make property notes. That way, your customers know what to expect with the quality of your service, and your housekeepers know what expectations you have for their work. 

Download Our Housekeeping App Today

Are you ready to start growing your housekeeping company? Download our ResortCleaning app! If you sign up today, you can get a 14-day free trial. Sign up for our housekeeping app today! 

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