4 Ways Our Housekeeping App is Great for Contactless Interaction

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December 30, 2020

With everyone concerned about health, contactless interaction is more important than ever. It’s untraditional and new, but our housekeeping app can help you with the changing times. You can still manage properties, staff, and the rest of your business with our app without having to worry about your or anyone else’s well being. Here are 4 ways our housekeeping app is great for contactless interaction:

1. Create Schedules


On our app, you have the ability to create schedules for your staff or third parties. If you manage a hotel, you can create a schedule for your cleaning staff. You can ensure your people aren’t in contact with each other or guests to ensure everyone’s health is a priority. If you have maintenance that needs to be done as well as cleaning, you can schedule each team at a different time during the day to prevent people from being there at the same time. You’ll love being able to create schedules for cleaning or maintenance crew, and they will love being able to get their schedule easily through our app.

2. Contact Staff Virtually

Another way our housekeeping app keeps things contact free is being able to have conversations with your team as a whole without meeting in person. If there is important information you need to share but you aren’t comfortable meeting in person, you can send messages to everyone through our app. Plus, if there’s a schedule change or you need someone to do something a little different on their shift, you can easily contact them through our app.

3. Ensure Property Quality


You no longer have to inspect properties in person with our app. Through the brand standard management portion, you are able to create custom inspections of each property or room. You can request pictures be taken and uploaded to ensure it has been cleaned and sanitized properly. You can even make notes of things to change, and your staff members will be able to see them easily.

4. Manage Workload from Anywhere

With our housekeeping app, you are able to manage from anywhere. You can create a schedule without having to go to the office. You can manage inventory and supplies by checking the amount you have in our app. Keep up with invoices and payroll in our housekeeping app. If you need to share this information with anyone, they can easily see it as long as they have the app too. You’ll love being able to manage your properties or hotel in one simple place and without having to compromise your peace of mind.

Our housekeeping app makes it easy to interact without being in physical contact with other people. You can easily communicate, manage, and do so much more. Ready to simplify your managing experience? Sign up for our housekeeping app today!

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