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April 29, 2024

When checking into a hotel, there is nothing more important than the cleanliness of the accommodations! Your guests are expecting a sparkling clean room that looks like they are the first guests to ever stay there, so the bar is set high for your housekeeping staff! You not only want to keep your current guests happy, but want to generate positive reviews to maintain an excellent reputation! The best way to ensure your housekeeping team is covering all the bases is with our handy cleaning checklist! Here is the ultimate hotel cleaning checklist:

Living Room/Main Room

workers cleaning main hotel living room

The living room area is the first room that guests see when they enter through the door, so you want to make a great first impression!

  • Sweep and Vacuum the Entire Space (including under tables and chairs)
  • Wipe Down Windows and Fan Blades
  • If Possible, Open the Windows to Air Out the Room
  • Check the Lighting, Thermostat and Air Conditioner to Ensure Working Properly
  • Replace Any Burned Out Light Bulbs
  • Inspect the Closets
  • Dust and Wipe Down Furniture and Surface Areas
  • Inspect Walls and Ceilings for Dust or Cobwebs
  • Clean the Microwave
  • Clean the Refrigerator and Look for Any Items Left Behind by Prior Guests
  • Clean the Ice Bucket
  • Wipe Down the Telephone
  • Remove Trash from Trash Cans and Fit With New Liners
  • Deodorize the Room


The bathroom area is an area that is particularly scrutinized by guests for cleanliness, so pay extra attention to every detail!

  • Remove any used towels
  • Clean Faucets, Shower and Tub
  • Scrub and Sanitize the Toilet Seat, Handle and Lid
  • Check Sink and Shower Drains for Clogs
  • Make Sure Hand Soap is Available
  • Sweep, Vacuum and Mop the Floor
  • Look for Signs of Water Leaks from Bathroom Fixtures
  • Clean the Mirrors
  • Remove Trash and Fit with New Liners
  • Deodorize the Bathroom


housekeeper making bed in hotel room

Whether your hotel accommodations have bedrooms with a separate living area or a single room, it is important to pay careful attention to the cleaning of the bedding!

  • Change and Replace Sheets and Linens
  • Tuck Sheets Under the Bed to Make Neat Hospital Corners
  • Put Clean Pillowcases on the Pillows
  • Cover the Bed With a Clean Duvet and Smooth Out Any Wrinkles
  • Sweet and Vacuum the Entire Space (including under the bed)

Replace All Amenities

As part of the housekeeping cleaning process, you’ll also want to replace all the hotel amenities that have been used. The essentials should be stocked at all times as you don’t want your guests running down to the front desk to complain about a missing item!

  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Soaps and Lotion
  • Toilet Paper
  • Tissues
  • Towels and Washcloths
  • Coffee Cups
  • Coffees and Filters
  • Tea Bags
  • Sugar, Creamer and Stirrers
  • Ice Bucket Liners
  • Drinking Cups
  • Notepads and Pen
  • Hotel Information Guides, Brochures and Booklets
  • Dry Cleaning Bags

Now that you have the ultimate hotel cleaning checklist, you can ensure that your accommodations are ready to impress the next guest! The only thing that you need now is our professional housekeeping software, which features a full-suite of operational management tools to help you run your housekeeping operations!

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