5 Surprising Things You Can Do to Improve Workplace Efficiency

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March 7, 2022

Many people believe that efficiency is following the procedures and protocols at their workplace without deviating from the “normal” way of doing things. But where does that leave employees who are able to be creative and come up with unique ways to find solutions to problems that arise in their job? There are several ways your team can be efficient in their work and you can be satisfied with their performance, but it will probably need a little work from you first. Check out these surprising things you can do to improve workplace efficiency:

1. Make Documents Easy to Find

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Do certain members of your staff need to know about reservations, online availability, or something else about your business? Then you need to keep all of this information in one place that is easy to access. If you have different aspects of your business in different digital or physical platforms, it may be difficult for your team members to find the information they need in order to do their job well.

2. Simplify Shift Schedules

Scheduling employees doesn’t have to be complicated. If you simplify your scheduling process, you will be able to know when someone is scheduled, or staff members can easily trade shifts if unexpected circumstances come up. When you have schedules accessible where every employee can see their own, you’ll definitely see more workplace efficiency.

3. Stop Unnecessary Meetings

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One way to improve efficiency in the workplace is to stop holding meetings that aren’t necessary to the everyday work life of your employees. Sometimes you need to get a message out to all of your employees, but you should really determine if this information would be easier to send through a specific communication portal, or if you really need to hold a staff wide meeting.

4. Promote Recognition

A huge issue that interferes with workplace efficiency is turnover. Of course, you always want to lower your turnover rate, but what are some of the best ways to prevent people from leaving your team? People want to work for a company that wants them to be there. If employees see their hard work being recognized by management and their peers, they are more motivated and want to continue to work for you. A little recognition can go a long way with your employees.

5. Make Communication Easier

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Sometimes it’s not easy to communicate with other members of your team. This could be because they aren’t all in the same place at the same time, or various members on your team do different jobs. When you provide your employees with a way to communicate with each other and management, workplace efficiency will improve.

Using Our Housekeeping App

So how will you start implementing these changes in your company? You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or curious where to start—our housekeeping app will allow you to do all of these things we just listed, plus has more helpful services. We can integrate our technology with your existing PMS so every employee has access to the documents and information they need, as well as a way to check their schedules and communicate with each other easily.

Are you ready to improve workplace efficiency with technology? Sign up for our housekeeping app today, and start seeing the difference!

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