Automatic & Insightful

Full Integration With Your PMS

Automatic scheduling of unit tasks and full insight into unit status through our website and mobile applications.

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Full Integration With Your PMS

As a property management company or manager overseeing multiple properties, the task of managing cleaning, inspections, maintenance, invoicing, etc. can often be overwhelming. However, with the introduction of innovative solutions like ResortCleaning, the entire process becomes more efficient and streamlined, offering a range of benefits to enhance operations and build a stronger brand presence.

ResortCleaning, a leading vacation rental housekeeping software, stands out as a valuable tool for property managers. By automating the generation of tasks for cleaning, inspections, and regularly scheduled maintenance, ResortCleaning eliminates the need for manual assignment and tracking. This real-time calendar automation not only saves time but also ensures that each property is consistently well-maintained and guest-ready, enhancing overall service quality.

One of the key advantages of ResortCleaning is its seamless integration with most popular property management softwares (PMS) and online travel agency (OTA) sites. This integration allows property management companies to centralize their operations and manage their entire workload from a single dashboard. By syncing data across platforms, managers can access real-time information about unit tasks, schedules, and updates, enabling them to stay informed and in control of their properties.

ResortCleaning provides full insight into unit status through its user-friendly website and mobile applications. This feature allows property management companies to easily monitor and track the progress of cleaning tasks, inspections, and maintenance activities, ensuring that each property meets the required standards for guest satisfaction as it is happening in real time.

Invoicing and payment have never been easier! ResortCleaning not only tracks the progress and status of work items, but also has an easy-to-generate invoicing system for any cleans, inspections, or workorders. You can pull the invoices you need when you need to pay, and it will email them to your cleaning company or inspectors directly within the software. No more need to manually check a cleaner's invoice against the cleans completed! For an even more powerful and streamlined process, connect your PayPal or Stripe with ResortCleaning to send the cleaners/inspectors payment directly from the app as well -- a true one stop shop for all of your grounds team invoicing and tracking!

By leveraging vacation rental housekeeping software like ResortCleaning, property management companies can streamline their operations, improve service quality, and build a better brand reputation. Consistent and efficient cleaning processes contribute to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, helping to attract more guests and establish a strong presence in the competitive vacation rental market.

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Automatic & Insightful
Full Integration With Your PMS
Automatic scheduling of unit tasks and full insight into unit status through our website and mobile applications.
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