5 Reasons We Have the Best Cleaning Service App for Housekeeping Companies

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March 30, 2022

Are you thinking about trying to streamline your housekeeping company? What better way to simplify your cleaning processes and the way you run your business than with new technology! But how do you decide which software to use when there are so many out there on the market? We want to share why our app is the best option for your professional cleaning business. Check out these 5 reasons why we have the best cleaning service app for housekeeping companies:

1. Access Info You Need in One Place

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Nothing is more frustrating than having to go to several sources to get information you need to do your job properly. With the use of our house cleaning app, all of the information you need is in one place, making it easier to access. You’ll be able to see your staff’s schedule, then switch over to bookkeeping, invoices, and payroll. When you need to communicate with your team, you can do it through our app. You’ll love having access to everything you need in your business all in one place!

2. Manage Your Team

A huge perk that makes our cleaning service app the best for your housekeeping business is being able to manage your team. Of course, there are some things you will always need to do in person, but there is so much that can be streamlined with the help of our app! With the communication system, you’ll be able to easily get in touch with the entire staff. If you need to update schedules, you can do it all from our app. You can even set up standard procedures for your employees to follow while they’re on the job. You’ll love being able to use our app to help manage your team.

3. Customize Your Services

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Do you offer certain services to your clients? Then you will love being able to use our cleaning service app to showcase them. We have a menu of service features that you can use to build out any service you provide, creating custom technology that works best for your business. You’ll love being able to showcase your services to your clients easily.

4. Get Full Integration for Client’s PMS

If your company cleans for vacation rentals, a hotel, or another type of rental, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate their property management system into your daily routine with our app. We can integrate any PMS or OTA so real-time bookings come up and you know when to send out a staff member to clean the rental. You’ll love how simple it is to have all of your information in one place with our app.

5. Take Advantage of Custom Development

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A major reason why our cleaning service app is the best choice for your housekeeping company is being able to customize your experience. While we have built out our app to do quite a bit, you may find a specific feature would be helpful in running your business. Luckily we offer custom development so you can work even more efficiently and watch your business grow.

You won’t find a better cleaning service app for your housekeeping company than ours. You’ll be able to keep up with your team easily, keep everything in one place, and get custom features added if you want. Are you ready to integrate our app into your business? Sign up for our app today!

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