Top 4 Reasons Our Software is a Dream Come True for Housekeeping at Hotels

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August 9, 2023

Whether you are a property manager for a small family owned inn or a large corporate hotel, you know that housekeeping can be one of the most challenging aspects of a management role! When it comes to overall guest satisfaction, there is nothing more important than providing clean accommodations. After all, this not only keeps your guests happy but helps to generate positive reviews so that you can maintain high occupancy rates! Here are the top 4 reasons why our software is a dream come true for housekeeping at hotels:

1. Full Suite of Operational Management Tools

Our affordable housekeeping software features a full suite of operational management tools to help run your housekeeping and maintenance operations! For example, you can provide your housekeeping team with your expectations by adding photos showing exactly how the property should look. You can also add any special notes to deliver information and create custom inspection checklists, and then follow up with your own inspection through our mobile application! As far as maintenance, our software helps to manage work orders through your service providers!

2. Complete Integration with Your Hotel Management System 

app creator showing scheduling

Another one of the top reasons why our software is a dream come true for housekeeping at hotels is because it offers complete integration with your hotel management system! Our housekeeping software features automatic scheduling of unit tasks and full insight into unit status through our website and mobile applications. This means that you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of managing your entire workload from one location! If you need help with bookkeeping for housekeeping services, you can link your account with a number of business management programs that can help you be even more efficient!

3. Relieves Stress From Managing Your Hotel

Our housekeeping software helps to relieve some of the stress from managing your hotel and allows you to focus on areas of property management outside of housekeeping! In addition to the powerful scheduling features, our software generates all the reports that you need in one place! This not only includes your housekeeping payroll, but invoices, productivity, inventory, inspections and more. As far as bookkeeping, you’ll always know where your money is coming from and going with our integrated invoicing and payroll! 

4. Mobile Applications for All Users

housekeepers cleaning next to mobile app

You can keep all of your housekeeping staff in the loop with our convenient and powerful mobile app! You’ll be able to manage your team and workload from one place with ease, as your entire staff will also have the mobile app for real time updates. There are many helpful features on the app, including a housekeeper grading feature that is like a report card for professionals - this feature provides detailed feedback on areas of improvement so that your hotel can thrive. With our mobile app, you’ll never have to worry about making sure your hotel is clean again!

Now that you know why our software is a dream come true for housekeeping at hotels, check out our free housekeeping software demo to see how our software can make your life easier!

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