5 Tips for Keeping Your Housekeeping Staff Motivated

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September 8, 2021

Everyone wants to feel motivated at their job. You want to do well and be acknowledged for your hard work, and your housekeeping staff is no different. We know that motivating a team can feel challenging, but small gestures that are sincere can help your staff know that they are appreciated. Check out these 5 tips for keeping your housekeeping staff motivated:

1. Allow Them to Learn New Skills


Most people want to continue to grow and learn, even if they love what they are doing. No one wants to feel stuck and like they are just doing the same tasks day in and day out. Providing the opportunities for your cleaning staff to learn new skills makes them even more skilled and gives them a chance to grow with your company. Investing in educating your staff motivates them to learn new skills and work even harder.

2. Give Them a Voice

In any job, employees want to be heard but may be afraid of speaking up. It is essential for you to provide a space where your housekeeping staff feels comfortable sharing concerns, making comments, or providing suggestions related to work. Your staff is one of the first points of contact when it comes to running your business, so they know how workflow could be improved more than anyone. Encourage your team to speak up by letting them know it is safe to share their comments and concerns.

3. Use Objective Performance Measurements


You want to know how your team is performing so you can keep up with what is going on in your business. When you are measuring productivity of your staff, you should be as objective as possible. Don’t only consider the number of tasks completed and mistakes made. You should also take their average workload, the number of guests per room, and other pertinent information into consideration. Not only should you be objective when it comes to performance measurement, you should also be transparent. Inform your staff of how you will be measuring productivity and how you will be grading their work.

4. Reward Their Good Work

Everyone wants to hear that they are doing a good job, and they also want to be rewarded for it. When you reward your housekeeping staff when they are meeting goals you have set, you show the team members that they are appreciated and their work is valued. If you aren’t sure of how you should reward your team, asking their opinion of how they would like to be rewarded would be a good start!

5. Provide Useful Technology

man with puzzle

Technology tends to make jobs easier and more productive, and hospitality jobs are no different. Our housekeeping software is not only great for housekeeping managers to keep track of their properties, but the use of this technology can also motivate your staff. Using our housekeeping app can make it easier to understand daily tasks, streamline processes, and eliminate outdated processes and technology to reduce stress and simplify their jobs.
Now you have some ideas of how to keep your housekeeping staff motivated. Some of our points require updated technology, and our housekeeping software is a great way to keep your team motivated and streamline your workload. Learn more about how our housekeeping software can benefit your business!

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