4 Ways Timeshare Owners Save Time With the Help of ResortCleaning

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February 1, 2023

As a timeshare owner, we are sure there have been many days when you wish you had more hours to work with. There are so many tasks to juggle and simply not enough hours in the day. Instead of having to stress about working unnecessary hours, allow us to help you take some things off your plate. Here are 4 ways timeshare owners save time with the help of ResortCleaning: 

1. Organized Scheduling Plan 

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If you are feeling stressed trying to find time to get everything done, we can help. The ResortCleaning app can help you easily keep track of all your tasks, track your progress throughout the day, and much more! The scheduling feature of our housekeeping software can also help you to keep track of your employees’ time as well, including inspection schedules, housekeeping assignments, and maintenance appointments. The days of forgetting something on your long list of things to do is gone thanks to our software. 

2. Accurate and Easy Reporting 

How many times have you received a call from a client that wants to know something about their property, and you know you have it written down…somewhere. Forget having to keep up with hundreds and hundreds of papers and allow our app to organize all your reports into one easy-to-manage spot. We can help you keep track of everything, such as invoices, payroll, productivity reports, inventory, inspections, property notes, and more. If you need it, you can find it with just a click of a button. Organization is one of the most important things about owning a business, especially when you want to save time throughout your day! 

3. Mobile App for Convenience 

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When you are trying to save time, every minute counts. With the way that the entire world is transitioning to an electronic way of getting things done, you can jump on board with our mobile app. From the app, you can check schedules, search for paperwork, and connect with your employees. When there isn’t time to schedule a meeting with your workers, you can stay connected throughout the workday with the help of our app. There is even a place where you can add photos of jobs and give employee feedback to your housekeeping staff! With everything you need at the tip of your fingers, you will be amazed by how much more you can get done! 

4. Custom Development 

Every business owner has a certain way that they like things done. When you completely change your day-to-day process, you might actually find yourself losing time, especially when you are set in a certain routine. With our software, timeshare owners have the ability to customize their own experience with us. Our features allow you to create your own method that works best for you. We understand that not every cleaning service is exactly the same, so we can help build a plan that is specifically tailored to your business needs. 

As timeshare owners, we understand that you value your time, which is why we do our best to help grow your business into what you imagine. Sign up today for a demo to learn more about what ResortCleaning can do for you! We look forward to helping you grow into the digital age!

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