7 Perks Our Resort Cleaning App Can Offer You

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August 13, 2021

Whether you’re running a housekeeping company or a property management company, our app can assist in all your productivity and organizational needs. With the help of our app, you’ll be able to run your company much more smoothly and can relax knowing all the details are being taken care of, all with the press of a button. Here are 7 perks our Resort Cleaning app can offer you:

1. Mobile Access for All Users


Today, is it incredibly important to have a software that you can count on to keep everyone in your company in the loop. With your busy schedule, you can’t be expected to keep everyone up to date all the time. That’s why we made sure our software was compatible for all users through the Resort Cleaning mobile app. This app will send notifications, assign schedules and update the status of your property so you don’t have to!

2. Customizable Development 

One of the great things about our app is that you can design your digital marketplace in a way that best suits your needs and wants. With an ever changing business landscape, it is important you are able to adjust your company as needed. Luckily for you, our app can adapt and update with you so you’re never working with outdated information or technology.

3. Easy Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping can feel like a daunting task when you think about all the other tasks on your to-do list. Thankfully, our Resort Cleaning app can assist you in all your bookkeeping needs. Our accurate and intuitive software will help you pinpoint exactly where your money is coming from and going to with our integrated invoicing and payroll feature.

4. Business Integrations


We make it easy for you to integrate your business with our app. Within a few simple steps, you can connect your Resort Cleaning account to any number of your properties. Having all your information in one place right at your fingertips will make juggling the details of your property so much easier. 

5. Various Service Menu Options

Our app gives you a custom and powerful ability to create and build your own service menu. Easily list all of your company’s provided services and corresponding prices for that service. This menu is an easy and efficient way to organize all the awesome things your company is doing! If you add or take away services, as well as change prices, you can make these alterations on the app any time you wish. 

6. Enhanced Team Management 

As your staff grows, it can seem impossible to keep up with everyone. That’s why we added an extensive and comprehensive team management system to our app. Easily keep track of your whole team all within your mobile Resort Cleaning app. Monitor housekeeping, productivity management and more when you integrate your team into this software. 

7. Brand Building


We want to help you constantly build and maintain your brand, so we made sure to incorporate brand standard management into the app. Your customers will love all the effort and detail you put in to ensure they had a good experience, and luckily for you, we make this super easy. Add custom inspections, property photos or notes and more into the app so your customers know exactly what to expect when staying at your property. 

Now that you know about the great our Resort Cleaning app can offer you, you can begin integrating your company with our software. Are you ready to make running your business way easier? Sign up for our house cleaning app and get started today! 

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