4 Things to Look For When Hiring a Vacation Rental Cleaner

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December 28, 2023

When running a vacation rental business, one of the toughest tasks can be finding the right professional to handle all of the cleaning duties! You not only need someone that is dependable, but an individual or company that is thorough enough to ensure that your property is sparkling clean for the next guest! You want to keep positive reviews and bookings coming in, so hiring the right person is absolutely critical to your success! Therefore, here are 4 things to look for when hiring a vacation rental cleaner:

1. Experience in the Vacation Rental Industry

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When choosing the right vacation rental cleaner, one of the most important factors is finding someone experienced in the vacation rental industry who has a positive reputation! You’ll want to research the individual or company to see their specific experience, credentials and reviews from prior customers in regards to their services. While it can often be challenging to find this information, our housekeeping software features an extensive network of service providers to help you find exactly what you need!

2. Reliability Guarantee

Another one of the things to look for when hiring a vacation rental cleaner is reliability, so assure that the candidate is experienced at their job and guarantees timely services! You want to stress the importance of showing up as scheduled every time and successfully completing all duties. After all, you want to feel confident that you can depend on your cleaner so that you can focus on other areas of running your business! 

3. Confirmation of Excellent Communication Skills

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Excellent communication between yourself and your vacation rental cleaner is essential, especially in unpredictable situations! This could be something such as a guest checking out later than the expected time or a last-minute cancellation that leads to a change in the scheduled cleaning service. Therefore, during the hiring process, be sure to ask the candidate if they are adaptable to changes or last minute calls. Once you have hired a cleaner, you’ll be excited to know that our housekeeping software features a powerful and convenient app to keep your staff in the loop at all times!

4. Cost of the Cleaning Service

Of course, one of the important factors when hiring a vacation rental cleaner is the actual cost of the service! Remember that cheaper is not always better, so you’ll want to avoid any options that seem unusually low. You’ll also want to take into consideration that the pricing structure may vary from one individual/company to another. Some charge based on the hours necessary to perform the job, but since this can vary from cleaning to cleaning, the fluctuating prices can make it difficult to manage the cost. As an alternative, consider hiring a cleaner who offers flat rates. If you need assistance with the cost involved with hiring a cleaner, you can always consider adding a cleaning fee to your vacation rental listing.

We know that hiring a vacation rental cleaner is just one of the many challenging tasks of running a vacation rental property, so learn how our professional housekeeping software can make your life easier! We look forward to helping you take care of stressful tasks with our full suite of operational management tools!

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